Build your own Redline Derby race track

Building your own Hot Wheels derby track is probably easier than you think. A few pieces of wood and simple hardware from your local home store are all you need. In just a weekend you can have your own derby track that can race up to 15-feet or more!

This guide will explain how to build an official Redline Derby 2-lane gravity track. Our motivation was not just to build a fun race track, but to build one that was inexpensive, portable, and allowed for easy storage. It doesn’t matter if you’re building a track for “serious” racing or just building a track for the kids, this will do the trick.

Fold-up, accordion design for easy storage

Fold-up, accordion design for easy storage


The basic concept is to take planks of wood and connect them with alternating door hinges. The allows the track to fold up like an accordion for easy storage and portability. The hinged technique also lets you change the angle of the first drop. Our plans support up to 15-feet of race track, but this type of design is completely expandable since all you need is another plank to extend your track length.

Parts list

  • (4) 6′ x 5.5″ x 1″ wood planks
  • (3) 3″ door hinges
  • Various wood screws


  • Simple saw for cutting
  • Screwdriver
  • Some sandpaper
  • Paint

Steps to building

Two planks create the drop and the rest is drag strip

Two planks create the drop and the rest is drag strip

First, take one of the 6′ x 5.5″ planks and cut it to be 4′ long, leaving 2′ left over. The 4′ board will be the “leg” of your track that creates the support for your drop. I found 4′ to be a good length, however if you want a steeeper drop you can try longer meeasurements.

Next, lay out your planks end to end, leaving about an inch of space between each one with the 4′ board at one end.

Next, lay a hinge across each gap making sure the holes in the hinge have plenty of room on the plank itself. If you screw the hole too close to the end of the board it will split. Make sure you alternate sides when attaching the hinges, otherwise you won’t get the fold-up accordion design.

While the boards are still flat, take the 2′ left over piece you cut in the first step and nail it across the bottom of the 4′ leg board. Make sure the edges are flush. This cross board adds stability to the back leg when it’s standing up. Without it the hill will wobble and fall over.

MORE: See more construction pictures

That’s it, you’re done!

Add your track and youre ready to race!

Add your track and you’re ready to race!

And that’s basically all there is to it. At this point you can smooth things down with some sandpaper, maybe give it a coat of stain or paint. This is all optional and you can customize it otherwise as you see fit.

At this point your race track is ready for action. Just lay your track on the board and let the cars race! Don’t forget to check out our other articles about starting gates and finish lines, as well as other options for your derby track.

Stop by the Redline Derby Community to discuss this project and see how others have used these plans to make their own fun race tracks.

5 thoughts on “Build your own Redline Derby race track

  1. Right now I use the finish line that came with the V-Drop playset. It’s a plastic, 2-lane mechanical finish line. A little flag raises denoting which lane won.

    I need to post an article on finish lines because I’ve tried a few different solutions but the playset finish has been the most reliable. I think there is some finish line discussion in the Redline Forum with some pictures.

    Thanks for the reminder…I’ll post my article(s) about finish lines and starting gates this week!

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