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2015 RLD Outlaw Pro Stock Challenge

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KandORacing 5/10/15

Bill, I opened your email and there is only one picture in it for some reason.... you may have to only do 4 pics per email, I don't think gmail can accept a ton at once.

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Nightstalker 5/19/15

2Seven is up next after "Jersey Shore" correct? At Park Place Raceway?

  • Hand painted spare tire cover done by a friend of mine. — Nightstalker
  • Cool! Yup, 2Seven is up next — 72_Chevy_C10
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2seven 5/20/15

sorry Night Stalker8,

yes lll host after Jersey Shore races.


Park Place Raceway

Matt Hathaway

1131 Park Place

Weat Carrollton, OH 45449


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Nightstalker 5/20/15

Cars have arrived, getting organized and will start time trials to decide race ladder. NHRA style. 

  • caint wait — model40fan
  • Time trials have been run, results, times and ladder will post tomorrow. — Nightstalker

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