2016 Pro Series, June: Truck-O-Rama III

Friday, June 10th, 2016
redlinederby Thursday, 4/28/2016
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Welcome to the 2016 Pro Series, Truck-O-Rama. This is the third of 6 tournaments that make up the 2016 Redline Derby Pro SeriesEntry is open to everyone. You do not have to have entrered a previous Pro Series tournament to qualify. The points earned in this tournament go towards each racer's Pro Series total. At the end of the year, the racer with the most total points in will be crowned champion.

This will be a standard, double-elimination bracket. The car that wins the final, wins this tournament. Points earned only go towards the Pro Series total, they do not determine the winner of this tournament. 

The next Pro Series tournament will be held in August.

Truck-O-Rama III

Truck-O-Rama features only trucks, vans and wagons. The first Truck-O-Rama was held back in 2012 and saw veteran EconoCarl take the victory over field of 10 entrants. Truck-O-Rama II was just held last June so it has become a summer tradition of sorts. Lets see how things shake out this year with what should be a field stocked with speed. More metal, more weight, more speed.


Congratulations to Voxxer Racing for a well earned win. He fell out of the upper bracket late but got revenge after battling back out of the lower bracket.



  • Voxxer Racing, 60pts
  • Delta6, 30pts
  • JDC442, 20pts
  • 72_Chevy_C10, 10pts
  • Aircooled, 10pts

Entry preview


Rules & Restrictions

  • Weight: 70g max
  • Car size: Max 3.5" long by 2" high, 1.5" width. Should fit on Blutrack.
  • Limit 1 cars per entrant
  • Any brand
  • Entry body must be a truck, van or station wagon
  • Standard wheels only. No FTEs or HSWs.
  • Must be drilled rivets, no stock entries
  • Dry lubes only
  • Entry must be a new build. No previously raced entries allowed.


The racer that wins this bracket will receive a $10 Amazon.com gift card (digital), plus a RLD Victory Sticker.

How to enter

Post a reply with your intention to enter, then ship your entry car so that it arrives before June 10, 2016. Tournament results are scheduled to be posted on June 30th.

At this time, please PM the host, gtaman, to get the entry shipping address.

Please include an RLD Entry ID Card with your entry along with some money to cover the cost of returning your car if you want it back.

Scoring and Winning

This is a standard, double-elimination bracket. Each match-up will be best 2-out-3, alternating lanes. Seeding will be random as will any byes that are needed. The car that wins the bracket is champ. Points do not determine the winner of this tournament.

Pro Series points are +10 for every win in the main bracket. The tournament winner will receive +20 for the victory. There will be no points awarded for Loser Bracket wins.


Cars will be inspected on arrival and checked for weight and other conditions. Any car that fails inspection will be removed from the tournament and returned to the owner.

Each car is given one do-over if they come off the track during a run. If goes off track a second time, it will forfeit that match and be marked as DNF.

Host Track

This tournament is being hosted by the Diecast Dragster Club of West Virginia, on their 50-foot track. The track is using Blutrack along with a manual release gate and Judge electronic finish line. Get more track details.



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aircooled 4/29/16

I have a question.  Why are FTE's and HSW's not allowed?  We addressed this before and FTE's and HSW's were allowed for both the first two race.  This is a Pro Series and all the racers should have no restrictions on wheels for the complete series.  If the idea is to find the best of the best, putting a limit on wheels keeps that from happening.  From what I've seen there are other wheels being used which some folks think are also fast , so are they also not going to be allowed?   Hopefully this restriction on wheels can be removed not only for this race, but also for the rest of the series.

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72_Chevy_C10 4/30/16
Event coordinator

I only have one question.or comment, really. Your rules say they should fit on an orange track...but they don't really need to because it will be run on a blue track. I was planning on running my wheels out a little wider (which wouldn't fit on an orange track) because the race is getting run on a blue track...and I wouldn't want to be dq'd just because of the wording. The cars don't NEED to fit on an orange track, do why should they HAVE to...just my 2 cents. :)

  • You're right...I don't have width of Blutrack, I'll adjust description — redlinederby
  • There are two different lane widths. The Classic and Pro Track have 1.65" lanes and the Performance Track is 1.50" for each lane. — aircooled
  • Can we find out which version of the blue track the race will be run on? — aircooled
  • I will ask lane width — gtaman
  • 1.5 inch lanes, owner just measured — gtaman
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redlinederby 5/1/16
Site manager

About wheels...the no FTE stipulation for this will stand. I wanted the GT Classic to be no FTE also but my wording was confusing folks, so this time I just went the old fashioned way - no FTEs. Plain and simple.

I know it's hard to enforce but we've run many a tournament with that rule and have not had any issue, so I'm hoping we can continue with such an honor system and play by the rules. 

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aircooled 5/1/16

Does this mean we are talking about wheels like 5 spokes and such?  

  • Yes. No FTE or HSW wheels. All others are okay to use. — redlinederby
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redlinederby 5/2/16
Site manager

Worth noting that fantasy castings are allowed so long as they qualify as being a truck, van or wagon. What is that in fantasy land? As they say, if it quacks like a duck...

And another good rule of thumb, if you have to ask, it's probably best to find an alternative.

Although if has the word "truck" in the name, you're good.


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WizardofOZ 5/4/16

I'll be entering this event.

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Diecast64 5/4/16

I know you said if you have to ask...but I guess I will anyway. Do SUVs fit into this trucks, vans, and wagons category?

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JDC442 5/5/16

Okay then, no FTE's.  Advantage Traction Event ;)

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redlinederby 5/10/16
Site manager

Just updated the date to reflect the entry deadline rather than the final race/results. You have a month to build and ship. Good luck!

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72_Chevy_C10 5/11/16
Event coordinator

With this race on a wider track, I'll finally be able to use one of these bodies...


A '72 Chevy longbed by Jada...the chassis is a Bullet Proof chassis 

  • LIKEING THAT TRUCK!! — CrzyTrkrDude
  • I have a yellow ocher one that I might use...I'll figure 8t out this weekend — 72_Chevy_C10
  • That looks awesome!!!! I might have to pick up a few of those Jada models and some bulletproofs to try my hand at a custom build. — Turbolover1988
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72_Chevy_C10 5/17/16
Event coordinator

I'll post some pics before I send it off...but I have to admit, I think it's one of my favorite builds!

I know what FTE's are but what are HSW's ?? I don't think I have heard of that style wheel.

  • High speed wheels, basically another type of wheel mated with the same nickel plated axle as the faster than ever wheels — gtaman

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