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2016 Pro Series, June: Truck-O-Rama III

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delta6 6/8/16

Didn't get to spend much time on this but it'll head out tomorrow morning in a rush to get it there in time


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gtaman 6/9/16

I updated my instagram feed with all the latest entries tonight

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WizardofOZ 6/9/16

Sent you a PM for address. I will be shipping it Next day air. This one slipped my mind. 

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gtaman 6/15/16

For those about to rock...

[Video moved to top of thread]

Enjoy your preview video

  • Nice work, and presentation — Traction-Event
  • Great presentation! Looking forward to the race. — Finkle_and_Sons
  • Good job, Chad! The trucks look great! — 72_Chevy_C10
  • Thanks, I did not plan on my truck being the thumbnail — gtaman
  • redlinederby, how about adding this video to the first post — gtaman
  • Very cool! Excited for the race. — Diecast64
  • Great job on the video!!! Looking forward to racing on the big track!! — aircooled
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72_Chevy_C10 6/15/16
Event coordinator

When will this race be happening? In a few weeks?

  • June 24 was when we could get the building. It takes a quite large building to set up a 50ft track, best I could do. — gtaman
  • Then I will have to edit video etc and post brackets — gtaman
  • Cool...I look forward to it! — 72_Chevy_C10
  • Awesome! I was hoping this race would have video -getting spoiled seeing these races in action! — JDC442
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Eastbound357 6/15/16

Does this mean if we missed the mail-in we still have time?

  • Yes, you can still send in cars. — redlinederby
  • I will run it if it is here in time. — gtaman
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gtaman 6/25/16

Races are in the books, here is the bracket, I am working on some video for the races.  We shot a few angles with some slow motion so it should be pretty cool.

MoHasAFastCar had a wheel break off (axle come out) after a couple runs, WizardOfOz had the rear wheels come out of socket so the truck drug on the ground.  Congratulations to Delta6 and Voxxer Racing.  Voxxer came back from the losers bracket to win overall.  We had a lot of fun and excitement running them tonight.  4 of us filmed and ran the cars.

  • Cool! That's un-tested rig slapped together in a few days. — delta6
  • Well, I tried a new method of securing the axles, apparently needs some work — MoHasAFastCar
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WizardofOZ 6/25/16

Must have broke a leaf spring ........LOL!

Congrats Voxxer! On a been showing everyone the fast way to the finish line lately!

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gtaman 6/26/16

Results Video, redlinederby please move to first post.  I slowed it way down so you could see what was going on.  I may do another video with more real time footage.  I put a few places with real speed so you can see how fast they are really going.


  • Good job, Chad! — 72_Chevy_C10
  • Chad thanks for doing such a great job on the video!!! — aircooled
  • Great job! — WizardofOZ
  • We had a good time running them, you guys missed us yelling ater close races — gtaman
  • Great Racing !!! — VoxxerRacing
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gtaman 6/26/16


  • Cool stuff! — 72_Chevy_C10
  • Very nice, love the various camera angles...makes me wish I had more cameras! — redlinederby
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aircooled 7/3/16

My truck arrived Saturday safe and sound thanks for the fast shipping.

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