2016 Redline Derby Pro Series announced

redlinederby Tuesday, 12/15/2015
Site manager

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Starting in 2016 there will be an on-going series of tournaments dubbed the Redline Derby Pro Series.

There will be a mail-in tournament every other month starting in February 2016. All mods, all the time. See the schedule below for themes and then look for official posts as each month draws near.

The tournaments themselves will be single-host, double-elimination tournaments; no travelling. Tracks will vary too. I am looking for hosts for several of the dates, so please post or PM if you're interested.

Racers will accumulate points as the series goes on with a champion crowned in December. That person will be the 2016 Redline Derby Pro Champion and will receive a mantle trophy. There will be prizes for each individual tournament as well.

Hopefully a preset schedule will give everyone plenty of time to plan and build their cars. Specific dates are yet to be determined and will be dependent on host availability. Ideally, I'd like to see tournaments happen near the end of each month so everyone has plenty of time to build while also entering other tournaments.

  • February (OH) - Build your best, anything goes
  • April (OR) - GT Classic (Porsches, Vipers, BMWs, Audi, etc)
  • June (WV) - Truck-O-Rama III (trucks, wagons, vans)
  • August (OH) - Hot Rod Jamboree (pre-1960 models)
  • October (MT) - Mad Max Monsters (3-car frankenbuilds)
  • December (OH) - Fantasy Fallout (non-real world models)

*These events will be on the RLD home track in Ohio, other months are open call for hosts.

I think this is a good range of themes to keep everyone on their toes, but they are subject to change if something better comes up. It is then also recommended that we don't use these themes outside of the Pro Series, no need to repeat within the same calendar year.

So there you go...start scouting your builds and do those test runs. The first tournament in Feb is a known track so you can do your research accordingly. I'll be posting official threads for each of these are their dates near.


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72_Chevy_C10 12/16/15
Event coordinator

I'll run the trucks in June, Brian. You know that I'm kinda biased toward trucks! :)

  • Groovy, thanks. Let me know if there's a date you prefer. — redlinederby

Awesome!  Looking forward to June, October and December.  And February works for everybody.

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Mcjiggles9 12/16/15

Great idea Brian, I think this will help unify the mail-in series and keep things for competitive all around. I know legendary folks like TE, JDC and seemingly extinct EconoCarl will want to get in on this! You can count me in for these, looking forward it. Ill discuss with Cliffordshaw the possibility of running a race in CT, most likely the August or December race. 

  • beware... I have a feeling Econocarl will be making a return... we should all be wary. — Traction-Event
  • Oh man, I didn't make the 'legendary' list! Lol Smitty either...at least I 'm in good company! :) — 72_Chevy_C10
  • Just lurkin' round as usual, A Legend in my Own Mind. — Nightstalker
  • Wouldn't my record qualify me for the Rooky Race? — Nightstalker
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redlinederby 12/18/15
Site manager

I know it's way early and schedules change but I'm looking for hosts for April, August and October races. Post a reply or PM me. 

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Chopper 12/20/15

I'd be interested in running the GTs in April.

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MoHasAFastCar 12/20/15

Well...I'd like to take October as I was hoping to have another Halloween race. I was thinking of opening up the theme to all kinds of Frankencars...any style not just Mad Max.

  • Agreed. We can give the race a new name by then — redlinederby
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2seven 1/5/16

RLD, I can run the Hot Rods in August, unless someone else has interest. I know there are guys that may love the hot rods more than me but, Im happy to do it!


Park Place Raceway

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Dadvball 1/7/16

Is it ok to assume that in next month's anything goes that there is no weight restriction?  I haven't started my build yet but just want to clarify the weight subject before I start. 

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72_Chevy_C10 1/7/16
Event coordinator

65 grams, DadVball.

Here's a link to the specs...


  • Thanks Chris! I somehow missed that. — Dadvball

Not sure how the points will work for this series... BUT

A note to all racers, the best way to win this... is to enter every event, scoring points in each event is important... but to finish first, you must first finish. Not all racers will enter every event, that scores them a zero...even if you only scored one point, you'd be ahead of the racer who did not enter. 

Something to think about. 

  • good point! — CrzyTrkrDude
  • To add to this... I will not be able to enter every event... maybe try and play spoiler for a few rounds? — Traction-Event
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redlinederby 1/8/16
Site manager

Well put...if you don't enter you'll never win. Even if you half-ass a car and enter that, your chances go up 100%. And hey, weirder things have happened than have a crap car turn out to be really good on someone's track...never assume.

Just a note on points to clarify...it pretty much works like a normal series, just spread out over a full year rather than a couple weeks. You'll get 10 points for each match win in the main bracket. You'll get  a bonus 20 points if you win the whole tournament. Thus the number of points possible is entirely dependent on the number of entries. More cars = more chances = more points

The Pro Series at large doesn't have any item prize outside of the (real) trophy. But each of the 6 tournaments in the series will have a its own prize up for grabs. 

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iswingping 1/13/16


I love the idea of this series.  So, much that I've been trying to plan out what I might run throughout the year without any copy builds.  I'd like to save the trucks and Porsche for those races and not run one in the opening race.  With that said, will the weight limits and other qualifications be the same for the upcoming events?  


  • i vote yes on uniform limits... for an all star race at year's end... — fordman
  • I'm probably not gonna participate in this, but Smitty has a point. Uniform rules all year, makes sense in an all star race to be closer rac — CrzyTrkrDude
  • I agree on a standard weight...65 grams for the first race...that works for me — 72_Chevy_C10

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