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2016 Redline Derby Pro Series announced

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redlinederby 1/13/16
Site manager

Good question...I hadn't thought that far ahead, I guess. 

The first race is a little unique since it's a anything goes type of match but otherwise I have nothing against uniform restrictions throughout the series. The only limits would then be the superficial limits like year, car type, etc.

Here would be my thoughts on keeping things mostly consistent:

  • Weight limit of 65g max...sounds fair but is that too light? 70g better? Thinking about trucks and vans...
  • Any brand of car allowed. Don't want to limit this to HW. MBX, HW, JL, all fair game
  • Drilled rivets a must, these are all mod races
  • Doesn't have to be a new build. Previous cars are okay as long as they meet requirements
  • No limits on wheels or axle type
  • Dry lubes only

The length/height/width of cars will probably vary due to finish line differences. I'd rather not go the lowest common route. If a finish can support 2" then that should be allowed...if the limit is 1.3" then that's that.

I figure the unlimited wheels/axles will be frowned upon but I'm never sure why that is. Just because FTE axles are allowed doesn't mean you have to use them, or that they'll be faster. Plus when you go into other brands, I don't know what special axles they have or don't have, so rather than get to specific, lets just leave it open. If this truly is a "pro" series then a nickel axle shouldn't be the deciding factor of a victory.

So lets use those as a starting point and debate from here. I'll make final decision after a couple weeks because I'll want to post the April race before too long.

  • Here's a nickel... What about specialized races per brand? HW, Lesney, JL, MBX, etc.. that should make for an interesting final race. — CrzyTrkrDude
  • there's a penny worth of idea. keep the change. lol — CrzyTrkrDude
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aircooled 1/20/16

Can someone tell me what the Oct,  3-car frankenbuilds looks like?

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redlinederby 1/20/16
Site manager

Best example of a Frankenbuild is probably the Mad Max race from last Halloween.

Even though there was a Mad Max theme of sorts, the gimmick is that you have use at least parts from 3 different cars in your build. But the other catch is that you can't add any "extra" weight...meaning, all the weight has to come from the car parts alone. No adding lead or weights or anything like that.

For the Pro Series this year, you don't have to abide by the post-apocalyptic theme, but there will be rule of having to use parts from X number of cars (probably 3).

Here's the car/truck I built for the Mad Max race, the Sunset Wagon. I used parts from 4 different cars, both HW and MBX.

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aircooled 2/19/16

For the April race what is the weight limit, just starting to scout the used car lots?

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Chopper 2/19/16

Speaking of the April Race, I'm hoping the rain clears long enough for me to get the track set up so I can post some photos. -chopper

Regarding April,

Is there a definitive way to know if a car is a GT.  I know it means "Grand Touring" or "Gran Turismo" but when it comes to picking up a car, how do I know I have one that qualifies?  Will it have GT on the name of the model?

  • There will be a list in the official post. — redlinederby
  • Wikipedia usually has pretty good definitions and lists — 72_Chevy_C10

Is the Acura HSC Concept eligible for the GT race?

  • Possibly. I'll be posting the GT event next couple days. — redlinederby
  • I asked JDC what he was going to build and this car was his answer. I told him Concept cars were not allowed, so we decided on the Estoque! — EconoCarl
  • Funny how things go! — EconoCarl
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aircooled 5/20/16

Seeing that the Jun Pro Race is on our door step, when will the rules for the Hot Rod Jamboree be posted?

  • Probably not until June. It'll be similar rules to events thus far, so you can scout — redlinederby

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