60g Javelin? What?

Jav74 Wednesday, 10/3/2018

Ok guys. Who didn’t tell me about  a metal base Javelin that needs weight shaved to compete? I’m glad I went back for one. 


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LeagueofSpeed 10/3/18
Event coordinator

Yeah it metal/metal and a little bigger than the usual Jav casting 

  • I didn’t know it was a different casting. Haven’t put it next to the mainline yet. That’s interesting. Can’t wait to drill it apart. — Jav74
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LeagueofSpeed 10/4/18
Event coordinator

Yep, I was planning on installing the FTE package off a Jav FTE and the CC Jav has a wider chassis.

  • Wouldn’t a vet like you tube the axles? — Jav74
  • I don't really get into axel tubed — LeagueofSpeed
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LeagueofSpeed 10/4/18
Event coordinator

...and it weighs in at 51g stock...not 60g

  • That’s nuts. I can clip a nickel on my scale and it sits dead on at 5g. When I weigh the Javelin, the needle is past 60. Now I wonder if my BM4 Charger is over weight. — Jav74

i've one of those -mine is 51.2 g out of the pack. found it at the supermarket for $1. it's a beast. needs better wheels but for now it's in my collection until i happen upon another one for modding.

  • Yeah, mine was about that once I got a digital scale. Nice deal you got. Like $5 at meijer. — Jav74
  • Real riders are appreciated for looks but I’m sure we’d all be willing to pay the price for all metal cars with plated axles and trued up wheels. — Jav74

Ralph's -fresh food, low prices, and $1 cars! I think these employees aren't car hunters and just fill the pegs with whatever is in the case. Also, since Ralph's is a Kroger store and Kroger has distribution rights with Mattel, you can find some neat things sometimes.

I would really like metal base cars again. the wheels I can deal with, but that hefty metal base is more stable and puts weight low (imo)

  • How well do rubber wheels compete? I’d think they’d be way slow. — Jav74
  • They are...not race worthy — LeagueofSpeed
  • Maybe he meant dealing with standard mainline wheels. — Jav74

no, what i meant by "dealing with them" is that i'd get rid of them. rubber tires suck for speed. i actually raced this car last weekend and it's slow. i have lazy rubber tired johnny's that are quicker then this thing.

put hard wheels and tuned axles on it and it would do much better.

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