An Audi Quattro in 2019

redlinederby Thursday, 11/8/2018
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One to keep an eye out for. Not sure when they'll start showing up here in the US, but I'm putting a bounty out on the Audi. I'll be happy to trade. I expect they'll get scooped up quick, but let the hunt begin!

Are there enough Audi castings to justify a race? Hmmmm...

Source: Lamley Group


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Jav74 11/9/18

I like those. They always reminded me of mk2 VW Sciroccos. If I find more than 1, it’s yours. I wish they’d cast a mk1 or mk2 Scirocco. 

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Jav74 11/16/18

Any luck finding one? I am honestly never the guy that gets to the pegs before they are picked over. Collecting off and on for about 20 years the luckiest I ever got was a 6 month period working night stock at a wal store in Portland around ‘98.

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Jav74 11/16/18

Today during work hours, a target had pretty full pegs. I found 2. One can be yours if you can’t wait to find some. 

  • With holiday shopping I'll be out and about and keep an eye out. Thanks! — redlinederby
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darkartsracing 11/27/18

man, i need one of these. always loved group b rally

  • I’ll do a trade with you if Red doesn’t end up needing it. — Jav74

Personally I don't see the interest in that old car I its gr8 and all... if its fast. But seriously looks like an old box.

  • For this case I'm not interested in speed. Just a love for the car. Although, if I find some extras then I might see if I can make it fast. — redlinederby
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darkartsracing 11/28/18

i want one for my collection but it's definitely a boxey hot-hatch. in it's day the quattro snagged 23 wrc victories and a couple of pike's peak hill climbs in only five years. certainly not a 1/4 mile car -power levels were at 592 bhp in '86, it was pretty much a rally car that made latter era group b events a race for 2nd and 3rd for lancia and everybody else.

here's a typical audi quattro performance: 

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Jav74 11/28/18

So what’s wrong with boxy cars?? I know most cars are like various sized marshmallows these days but most also look the same. 

Nothing is wrong w/ them but I just don't like them.

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redlinederby 11/28/18
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I'm a sucker for any rally car...easily my favorite racing to watch. It has it all! I don't know why nobody airs it anymore. RIP Speed Channel, which used to show WRC highlights late at night. And too bad the highlights WRC puts up on YouTube aren't very good. 

  • i remember when abc's wide world of sports used to show group b and group 4 on sundays. in fact they used to air all kinds of racing in 2 hour programs when i was a kid. — darkartsracing
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