Any good source for official list of HW castings?

redlinederby Thursday, 4/9/2020
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I know there is a listing over at the Hot Wheels Wiki, which is great, but what I'm looking for is just a plain text listing of castings per year. Or even just a unique list of all castings, which I doubt even exists. I'm wanting to avoid scraping the Wiki page for names (for various reasons).

I have a gap in my online car database of about 6 years and I'd like to pre-populate it with as many car names as possible so it doesn't have to be crowdsourced a ton.

I can do some of the duplication comparison myself as I'm not interested in variants or series or anything like that. I just need car names.

If anyone has any leads on such a thing and cares to share, I'd appreciate. It would help a ton in developing some new features for the RLD web site.


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Mattman213 4/9/20 is a pricing site that has a really good list.  I use it to look up what castings came out when etc.  I also like the Wiki page.


  • Totally forgot about that site...their listing is nice and clean too. Forgot that merged with HobbyDB too. — redlinederby
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