Best wheels for 1981 HW Ford Fairmont

BlueLineRacing Wednesday, 6/17/2020

Can anyone tell me what is a good donor car for wheels for a 81 Front Runnin Fairmount. I'd prefer to use hot ones, ultra hot ones, FTEs or Razor wheels but I am open to any suggestions. Sorry, only care about speed. Keeping these cars as original is not my objective.


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Mattman213 6/17/20

Ive yet to make one faster than my fastest stocker.  They are skinny so wheel donors must be the same but there are many out there.  Just play around with it and see what you come up with but they better be BUTTER if you want to outrun a known good stocker!  Its the only casting I havnt been able to make faster (without adding weight) than the best stock version I have.  I buy up all of them I can find in junker condition in the hopes that I can one day crack its secrets LOL


  • I do plan on adding weight to one. The other I’m just going to get the most out of it I can without adding weight — BlueLineRacing
  • Wish I were lucky enough to have a good one; mine looks fantastic, but the front axle must be out of alignment, as the left front sits higher than the other 3. It currently sits around 24th in my collection, and got whupped by a stock T-bird Stocker most recently. — Scoupe
  • I have a handful and my fastest is kinda hit or miss but when its on its untouchable. Then next pass its maybe mid tier LOL. Love em tho, they can be nasty — Mattman213
  • The most infuriating thing is that it tracks straight as an arrow, handicap nonwithstanding, and is smooth as glass otherwise. I feel like Charlie Brown in his ghost costume : "I got a rock.." — Scoupe
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