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BlueLine Racing 60g Modified Championship Series

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5 spots left!

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MrDarq 2/20/21

Can I claim a spot?

Hello BLR,

Could I please enter under CutRock'R.

I know Po'Boy Racing would also like to enter, could you please add him too.

Many thanks


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Flip81 2/21/21

Any spots left?

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Speedy_T 2/21/21

I hear there is one spot left. Can I have it?

This Tournament is now full. I will start a waiting list. Whether you are on the main list or waiting list if you decide you can't enter please let me know ASAP so that your spot can be filled. Thank you.

You can put me on the waiting list. Silverback Racing

  • You got it — BlueLineRacing
  • I’ve never had a race where at least one person didn’t cancel. It’s usually last minute so I’d build a car — BlueLineRacing

I want to get a clarification on the weight for this. It says 60g maximum weight. Yet in penalties it states that there's a grace of 1g for variances. Just want to make sure.

Built my first car for this and it sits on 60.60g. Lol! My first ever time over. Hasn't hit the track but it won't if we are going with a hard-line @ 60g.

Thanks in advance.

Happy to announce that "The Drop" at MAC Mountain has been added to this tournament for September. If you are not familiar with this track please check it out in the Track Directory. 

  • Good deal! Them boys are doing it right over there in South Carolina! — DXPRacing
  • Sweet! Six tracks! — SpyDude
  • Rad — GoldenOwl
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MrDarq 3/7/21

Do we have a YouTube channel for Tecumseh Proving Grounds, can’t find it through search. 


Can you put me on the Waiting list

Happy to announce that when the cars arrive in South Carolina in September in addition to "The Drop" at MAC Mountain the cars will also race at the drag strip at Boomtown USA and Flips Strip. All but Boomtown USAs track is up on the directory for more information. The cars for this event will now race on 7 different drag strips of all lengths and drop heights. Should be a great event. 

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