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BlueLine Racing 60g Modified Championship Series

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pupulesurfer 3/16/21

Just to clarify - as long as there is no DQ or break on a car, a car will race at least one race on every track, correct?

  • Yes sir. — CrazyEights
  • That’s right. — BlueLineRacing
  • It’s a timed event so top half of the 32 cars advance. You will at least get two runs, one in each lane on each track. — BlueLineRacing
  • Sounds good, thanks for the clarity! — pupulesurfer

Due to how fast this tournament filled up and the interest that remains to join, I have expanded the roster from 32 to 36. Silverback Racing, Uncle Joes Speedway and Big Poppy Racing are now in. That leaves one spot left. First come first serve.

  • So will there be qualifying races then? — CrazyEights
  • No, it’s a timed event at most locations so regardless of how many entrants the top half of times move to the next round — BlueLineRacing
  • I gotta get to work then. The first round ain't good enough. — CrazyEights
  • Can I get the last spot please? — Sneaky_Bob

I got a good question for the 60g circuit race concerning wheel wells. You can enlarge the wheel wells to accommodate bigger wheels as long as it doesn't compromise the overall profile of the car. In other words you can make the wheel well larger but just not completely remove it or have the wheels sticking up through the fenders. 

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Sneaky_Bob 3/23/21

Is it to late to get into this tournament?

Sneaky Bob

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SpyDude 3/31/21

Question: skinny tires accceptable?

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Big_Mac 4/2/21

Can we send our return money via pay pal?

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SpyDude 4/3/21

Just sent out my car for the tournament.  I'll let you guys be surprised.

Cars are starting to come in for the start of the April 29th modified series and are being cataloged as we speak. The deadline is April 23rd in a perfect world but as long as I get them by April 26th you're good. This is last call for any cancellations so if you're not going to make the deadline please let me know ASAP so you're spot can be filled. Thanks for racing. You're going to enjoy this one.

  • Awesome! Some great cars there and nice organization! — pupulesurfer
  • Sweet, I see my Silverado arrived safely. — Big_Mac
  • I see my car in there, too. :) — SpyDude
  • This should be a good tournament...glad to see mine made it as well — Crazy_Canuck
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pupulesurfer 4/14/21

All ready, sending this week!

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GhostDriver 4/17/21

Didn't have much time to do much to the outside. But I did put a lot of work into other things. Trying to see some type of improvement on the track. Should be there in a couple days.

Excited for this one...

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NDeavers80 4/18/21

Sent my cars yesterday

We are one week from race day! I have 25 of 36 cars. I know some are on the way. April 27th will be the last day I accept cars. I should be done recording the races by the 28th and the video will be up on April 29th. Good Luck.

  • That's cool Brother Blue. Just don't spell my name wrong on the trophy. — CrazyEights
  • It looks like you put together a great car. I wish you luck — BlueLineRacing

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