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BlueLine Racing’s-Ford F-150 Circuit Championship

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Big_Al 11/26/21

Sign me up!

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CrazyEights 11/28/21

Treetops raceway park? Does that have a YouTube channel?

  • That is Sneaky Bobs, AKA Vapor Racing’s track. It’s really nice but not sure if he has Youtube — BlueLineRacing

Dalevis Jenkins, Jr

Commotion Diecast

Thanks Tim!

I'm in!

Lone Star

Live Young Die-Cast

if there is room I'm in .. Just clarification .. You said to AJ Grey You can't take the car apart.  Was that a Typo?  I am assuming that you can take the truck apart to add weight . But, better to ask then not to . 

  • You are in but not sure I understand the questionZ it is a typo if I ever said you can’t take the car apart. This is a modified race — BlueLineRacing
  • I may have thought I was responding to the Stock race if I said that — BlueLineRacing
  • I was just reading through the thread and it was under AJ GREY. No biggie that's what I figured .. just wanted to ask to make sure . Also Id the SVT ford Good? The fast and furious one.? — RoadrageRacing
  • Any Ford F-150 and any year as long as it’s Hot Wheels — BlueLineRacing

Late seeing this :-/ 

hopefully can get in, 

Code 3 Motorsports 

driver: Chief 

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Hartbeat 12/19/21

Hartbeat Racing would like a spot please.

  • Couple ?’s. If the truck has a topper I’m assuming the weight still needs to be below the bed rails? Is widening the wheel arches to accept larger wheels allowed? — Hartbeat
  • Yes, if it has a bed cap and the weight is concealed you can fill it — BlueLineRacing
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RaSungod 12/19/21

I'm in. Ra Sungod Racing for Kill the Sun comics.

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DamDiecast 12/20/21

If you have a spot left, Put me in please.

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I thought I was already in.... Guess NOT!


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Hartbeat 12/20/21

Had a successful F-150 hunt!  Time to build.

  • The 79 with the cap would be an easy build. But you'd need the Harley Davidson edition. Its got flames, so you know its fast. — CrazyEights
  • That’s the first one I cracked open. — Hartbeat
  • I built the blue one. Its now black — CrazyEights
  • You got Sam Walton’s old Ford! — SpyDude
  • Maybe jimmy Hoffa is in the tool box. — CrazyEights
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Fractal_Panda 12/22/21

Entry sent off today!.

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