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BlueLine Stock and Modified Car Tournament

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I would like to send one if there is still room!  Thanks!  

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GoldenOwl 12/1/20

Killer! You can count me in!

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VoxxerRacing 12/7/20

Always read the rules ..... production car and original silhouette.    6 clear coats and hand sanding .... filled in gaps and smoothed out lines.   

You booked up yet?

  • Looks like he was at 27 cars already, if I counted right. Then again, I DID have a drink earlier, so my numbers may have been a little fuzzy ..... — SpyDude
  • No Brian, few spots left. — BlueLineRacing

Silverback Racing will be there

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BlueLineRacing 12/13/20

Room for 4 more cars

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VoxxerRacing 12/17/20

Car #1 finished   5 coats clear and hand sand in between. NPA axles. Grade A+ clear and balanced/ trued wheels. Typical Voxxer Racing racer .....

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NDeavers80 12/20/20

Count the ndr shop in for 2. 1 for penguin and one for ndr please

  • Don’t know how I missed this but you are now in! — BlueLineRacing
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gstackert 12/20/20

I'm in for 1, gstackert racing.

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MoparMAC 12/21/20

I'll take the last spot if it's available... thanks!

MAC Racing

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BlueLineRacing 12/21/20

We are now full at 34 cars , I miss counted. I will start a waiting list of anyone else wants in. For everyone entered keep in mind the mail is extremely slow and you may need to ship a little earlier than normal. If anyone on the list decides they can't race please let me know ASAP. Thank you

  • I can give up my spot if it helps since Deavers signed up before me. Just let me know. Thanks! — MoparMAC
  • I don't have to send 2. — NDeavers80
  • Nobody has to give up there spot. We are good — BlueLineRacing
  • Ok — NDeavers80
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MoparMAC 12/22/20


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