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BlueLine Stock and Modified Car Tournament

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VoxxerRacing 12/25/20

Finished 2 Mitz Lancer Evo's ... ready to race !!

  • Great! Looking forward to watching the action at BLR! — CutRock_R_Marc_D
  • I know those are the same casting, but the angle of the pic makes them look different — Uncle_Elvis
  • looking good! — BlueLineRacing
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Peter_Bee 12/26/20

I got caught up in the D64 mentality where sending 2 cars can help with the point standings.

So I'm only sending 1 car to this event. I hope it's a good one...

Take care everyone and see ya at the races!

  • I signed up for one only as well. Hoped it would allows more to participate but also hope it doesn't bite me in the butt lol — Mattman213
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Mattman213 1/18/21

Got word that a spot opened up so Im gonna join the party with two entries which is good cause...well...not sure if either of these is up to snuff considering EVEYTHING I have that is fast is actually on its way back from Blueline's big race last week so I had to test them against the Boogey Man and hes kinda tired.  Look forward to seeing some more great racing at the Northeast Beast!

It appears that I inadvertantly discovered how to make this Jag look like it was part of the 90's Gleam Team series but no...just a rush to paint and clear screwing up the silver undercoat.  Oh well, its smooth to the touch so heck with it!


I have to pull out.  Not going to get them done in time.  I'm sorry.

I have 20 of the 32 cars in my possession for the race BlueLine Modified race on Jan 29th. The due date is technically Monday but if they get here by Jan 28th you will be able to get in the presentation video on Jan 29th. I plan on racing the cars Jan 29th and early Jan 30th and then posting the video Sat night Jan 30th. Please let me know your intentions for this race. Unfortunately I have to have a deadline of Friday morning to get this race off on time.


This is who is missing as of today

Second Hand Speed, G-Stackert, RedPill Racing, Silverback Racing, Scale Racing, FOTF Racing.

  • Red pill will be late for his own funeral, but somehow he will be tucked snuggly into a 1:64 sized diecast car. — EightOCRacing
  • Sorry if it was an inconvenience, my diecast mind got pulled into the stock car smackdown and I forgot to mail my F40. My bad. — gstackert
  • Ok G-Stackert — BlueLineRacing
  • FOTF's on the way ... I think I have a receipt and will have to see if it has a tracking number. — FOTF

Presentation video and weigh in will be Friday night. Race on Saturday night. Good Luck

26 Light Weight Modified and Stock cars do battle on the Northeast Beast Saturday Night.  The race will Premier on BlueLine Racing's YouTube channel on 1/30 at 9:30pm Eastern Standard time. The Team Presentations, Weigh in and Bracket selection is scheduled for Friday Night 1/29. Good Luck! 

  • Shoot looks like my ugly jag wont be lonely!!! Heck of a lineup! Evos and Jags galore — Mattman213
  • Looking forward to the action ... it'll be nice to be back in a mail-in event! — FOTF
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FOTF 1/30/21

Great presentation, BlueLine! Looking forward to the race this evening. Hoping to be there for it ... is it a live premiere? I'll be watching at right about 9:00 either way.

  • Premiers tonight at 9:30pm. Good Luck! — BlueLineRacing
  • Oh, okay--thanks. See you then! — FOTF
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FOTF 2/6/21

Hey BlueLine, just wanted to confirm that I received my Camaro and Challenger safely back--five stars on a thorough packing job! Thanks for a fun event. I hope to mail cars to you again eventually.

  • I really hope you’ll be back. Amazing stock cars. Thanks — BlueLineRacing

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