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The October Boneyard Classic

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Sweet 9/4/18

I dipped my toes in the water for a few races, with stock entries...No more stock.. This is a cut down Poppa Wheelie body on a Maximum Leeway chassis..Body is just in place now..have to pick out wheels next, and get a scale...It calls itself.."PopRat"

  • Love it. A group I was in a few years ago issued a challenge to everyone turn the poppa wheelie back into the robin(?) It should be. I went a step further than everyone else, mine rolls. — NDeavers80
  • Rad. Nice fit. I have a few of those rod chassis stashed for just such a thing. — redlinederby
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Mopar_Mafia 9/9/18

I'm in pm sent

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41-14 9/11/18

  • “She Ain’t Pretty”. — 41-14
  • 55 gasser base, Chevy Nova body, rear wheels of tooned corvette, and front of an F-150. — 41-14
  • Love it!!!! I've got to get mine built!!! — LeagueofSpeed
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41-14 9/14/18

  • “If Looks Could Kill” and “She Ain’t Pretty “ — 41-14
  • And I’m pretty sure neither one will win any races. What I’m counting on though, is that they’ll scare whoever I face off the track. Lmao. — 41-14
  • Nicely Done!!!! — LeagueofSpeed
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THUNDER 9/14/18

CAT Bulldozer on a Headstarter chassis.

  • Outlandishly cool! — Jav74
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Jav74 9/21/18

I think I’m getting there with the B Body Butcher and GT Xtreme 

  • 95 Chevy 1500? base for the charger and JL Dodge D100 base for the FTC. Let’s see if I can keep them together lol. — Jav74
  • Not FTC. GTX!! — Jav74
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Jav74 9/27/18

Finally finished. I left the ‘67 GTX with the partial silver paint job that my nephew did a few years ago. I just clear coated it. 

Looking forward to the racing action this cars will be ready...barely, but ready...just ready to get back to racing!!!

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Jav74 10/2/18

Mine shipped!

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Dadvball 10/2/18

Sorry LOS, but between vacation and finishing up the kitchen project I just ran out of time and never got anything built. Afraid I'll have to pass on this one. Looking forward to seeing what everyone built and watching the race though. 

Good luck to everyone!

They'll be ready...just about done with Da Prowler and I'll finish Trim 2 Fast tomorrow...I've got to polish the axel set going in T2F.

  • Nice! Da Prowler looks wicked! — Jav74
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MDG_Racing 10/5/18

Dig through the ditches
And burn through the witches
I slam in the back of my

  • I like’m. But Zombie sort of bugged me with the Dragula. I remember seeing the video and it didn’t feature the Dragula car. It’s Grandpa Munsters roadster! We all know it!! Rant aside, nice cars. I hope to not see your tail lights. — Jav74

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