Budget Redline Restoration

Brakefluid_Tracksurgeon Monday, 1/18/2016

This well beaten up Mercedes Benz 280SL from a junkyard lot is definitely in need of restoration. Its suspension is tangled up and is missing its hood.




The rivets were drilled out, paint removed, and all the metal parts including the axles were dipped in apple cider vinegar and polished with steel wool. The interior and glass were cleaned with dishwashing agent.


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Dadvball 1/18/16

Can you please explain the apple cider vinegar?  Never heard of using that before.  Thanks!

The metal parts were placed inside apple cider vinegar for a few hours and then taken out. The zamac darkens from all its tarnish, but the tarnish goes away once polished.

After a few hours of work and some household ingredients and tools, this Mercedes has been restored with Testors Spray Lacquer. For the wheels and trunk ornament, they were painted with an ultra fine tip Elmer's Painters silver paint pen.


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