Bugatti Chiron finds

MDG_Racing Wednesday, 2/5/2020

I finally came across a few today at Walgreens. If I'm not mistaken someone mentioned these had a wide stance. Boy they weren't kidding. Definitely looks to be Rally Cat and Cadillac ATS-V R width. Which is very cool since the JP5's will look great on either of those castings. Sorry Bugatti's, we'll find you some replacements. 

Let's Crack'm & Track'm!

Have you guys found many? What are your plans for them?


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Mattman213 2/5/20

I have a few and Im not sure yet but Im interested in seeing if they respond to mods/weight at all.  I like the wide stance alot but as it sits its a very slow casting lol


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WorpeX 2/5/20

Oh yeah! On a speed scale of 1 to 10 My Chiron is about a -1.

  • Agreed. Mine was junk tried to build it still junk — NDeavers80
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LeagueofSpeed 2/5/20
Event coordinator

I found 1 and I do intend to Build it...looking forward to getting it apart.

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MDG_Racing 2/6/20

I only cracked 1 of 4 that I found yesterday. Out of the blister, nothing to brag about. After a quick dusting it picked up considerable speed. Putting almost worthy of a HOTS showing at D64. Guess I need to free the rest and send them down Goodnight Trail.

  • I know certain cars have blown my mind with nothing more than a simple touch of graphite...might have to try it on mine one evening. Its in the future build pile for sure either way. — Mattman213
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