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Chaos Canyon Outlaws driver call

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MrDarq 3/10/23

In please :) Mr. Darq - Dubious Diecast

We are in!

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Crazy_Canuck 3/10/23

Yep...I need to get back on that list

In please

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DaBlazeMann 3/10/23

Blaze Mann from Burnout Peak Diecast here! I'm willing to enter into the wannabes, please!

I'm keen mate. Shoot me a msg with your address etc????????????????????????????

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LobotomyScam 3/10/23

I want to race at Chaos Canyon so bad I can smell the burnt rubber. Tell me all the pertinent details, if you would be so kind.

  • All the rules, tips and faqs are in the main post. If you have a question that isn’t covered by all that, ask it here and we’ll add it to the faqs — Chaos_Canyon

Count us in.

AC - car 1

BC - car 2

Count me in.  Baby Cookie needs to visit Chaos Canyon. I'll message for the address when the cars are done as per instructions

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WesCoasin 3/10/23

Yeeeee dawgie count me in

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RAGTAG_JIM 3/10/23

Heck ya IM in!!!!!! 

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Papa_Pugsley 3/10/23

You can count Man Child Motorsports in for 2

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