Corvette Summer 2018 Point Standings

LeagueofSpeed Thursday, 5/31/2018
Event coordinator

Corvette Summer 2018 Overall Point Standings

1st - 9.81 Racing  44pts

2nd - Lady of Speed  22pts

3rd - Color Country Racing  19 pts

4th(t) - RLD Racing  16pts

4th(t) - 41-14 Racing  16pts

6th(t) - Mad Maddie Racing  13pts

6th(t) - G-Force Racing  13pts

8th(t) - Speed Force  12pts

8th(t) - League of Speed  12pts

10th(t) - MDG Racing  11pts

10th(t) - The Black Dragons  11pts

12th(t) - Go Go Maxzilla  7pts

12th(t) -  JaSkaT Racing  7pts

12th(t) - Red Pill Racing  7pts

15th - Fire Claw Racing  6pts

16th(t) - Wild Rose Racing  5pts

16th(t) - DVB Racing  5pts

16th(t) - Liitle Bug Racing  5pts

16th(t) - Chevy C10 Racing  5pts

20th(t) - FOTF Racing  4pts

20th(t) - Wintech Racing  4pts

20th(t) - Speedzilla  4pts

23rd - Outlaw Racing  3pts

24th(t) - DC Wheels  2pts

24th(t) - Mopar Mafia  2pts

24th(t) - 1/4 Mile Club  2pts

27th - ND Racing  1pt

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LeagueofSpeed 6/11/18
Event coordinator

Points Earned for Race # 1 - Tobacco Road, NC
Video highlights and discussion

1st - 9.81 Racing 11pts

2nd(t) - Color Country Racing  6pts

2nd(t) - RLD Racing  6pts

4th(t) - League of Speed 4pts

4th(t) - 41-14 Racing 4pts

6th(t) - Speed Force 3pts

6th(t) - Black Dragons 3pts

6th(t) - Red Pill Racing 3pts

6th(t) - FOTF 3pts

6th(t) - Lady of Speed 3pts

6th(t) - G-Force Racing 3pts

6th(t) - MDG Racing 3pts

13th(t) - Mad Maddie Racing 2pts

13th(t) - Fire Claw Racing 2pts

13th(t) - Go Go Maxzilla 2pts

13th(t) - JaSkaT Racing 2pts

17th(t) - Wild Rose Racing 1pt

17th(t) - DVB Racing 1pt

17th(t) - Outlaw Racing 1pt

17th(t) - DC Wheels 1pt

17th(t) -Wintech Racing 1pt

22nd(t) - Mopar Mafia 0pts

22nd(t) - 1/4 Mile Club 0pts

22nd(t) - Little Bug Racing 0pts

22nd(t) - Speedzilla 0pts

22nd(t) - ND Racing 0pts

  • Hahaha. I'm still at 0... Yay me. — NDeavers80
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LeagueofSpeed 6/12/18
Event coordinator

Point Earned for Race # 2 - LJLRC 4 Lane Track, RI
Video highlights and discussion

1st - 9.81 Racing  9pts

2nd - Lady of Speed  8pts

3rd(t) - Color Country Racing  5pts

3rd(t) - 41-14 Racing  5pts

3rd(t) - RLD Racing  5pts

3rd(t) - The Black Dragons  5pts

6th - Fire Claw Racing  4pts

7th(t) - Speed Force  3pts

7th(t) - MDG Racing  3pts

9th(t) - League of Speed  2pts

9th(t) - Go Go Maxzilla  2pts

9th(t) - Mad Maddie Racing  2pts

9th(t) - Wintech Racing  2pts

9th(t) - Speedzilla  2pts

14th(t) - Red Pill Racing  1pt

14th(t) - G-Force Racing  1pt

14th(t) - JaSkaT Racing  1pt

14th(t) - Wild Rose Racing  1pt

14th(t) - DVB Racing  1pt

14th(t) - Mopar Mafia  1pt

14th(t) - 1/4 Mile Club  1pt

14th(t) - Little Bug Racing  1pt

22nd(t) - DC Wheels  0pts

22nd(t) - Outlaw Racing  0pts

22nd(t) - ND Racing  0pts

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LeagueofSpeed 6/18/18
Event coordinator

Points Earned for Race # 3-Sussex Speedway, NJ
Video highlights and discussion

1st - 9.81 Racing  13pts

2nd - Lady of Speed  7pts

3rd - Color Country Racing  4pts

4th(t) - Mad Maddie Racing  3pts

4th(t) - 41-14 Racing  3pts

4th(t) - G-Force Racing  3pts

4th(t) - RLD Racing  3pts

4th(t) - Speed Force  3pts

4th(t) - JaSkaT Racing  3pts

10th(t) - Wild Rose Racing  2pts

10th(t) - Little Bug Racing  2pts

10th(t) - The Black Dragons  2pts

10th(t) - Go Go Maxzilla  2pts

10th(t) - MDG Racing  2pts

10th(t) - DVB Racing  2pts

10th(t) - Outlaw Racing  2pts

10th(t) - League of Speed  2pts

18th(t) - Mopar Mafia  1pt

18th(t) - DC Wheels  1pt

18th(t) - Wintech Racing  1pt

18th(t) - Red Pill Racing  1pt

18th(t) - ND Racing  1pt

18th(t) - FOTF Racing  1pt

18th(t) - Speedzilla  1pt

25th(t) - Fire Claw Racing  0pts

25th(t) - 1/4 Mile Club  0pts

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LeagueofSpeed Yesterday
Event coordinator

Points Earned for Race # 4 - D64 2 Lane, Southern Utah

1st - 9.81 Racing  11pts

2nd(t) - Mad Maddie Racing 6pts

2nd(t) - G-Force Racing  6pts

4th - Chevy C10 Racing  5pts

5th(t) - 41-14 Racing  4pts

5th(t) - Color Country  4pts

5th(t) - Lady of Speed  4pts

5th(t) - League of Speed  4pts

9th(t) - MDG Racing  3pts

9th(t) - Speed Force  3pts

11th(t) - Little Bug Racing  2pts

11th(t) - Red Pill Racing  2pts

11th(t) - RLD Racing  2pts

14th(t) - Wild Rose Racing  1pt

14th(t) - The Black Dragons  1pt

14th(t) - Go Go Maxzilla  1pt

14th(t) - DVB Racing  1pt

14th(t) - Speedzilla  1pt

14th(t) - JaSKaT Racing  1pt

14th(t) - 1/4 Mile Club  1pt

21st(t) - Mopar Mafia  0pts

21st(t) - DC Wheels  0pts

21st(t) - Wintech Racing  0pts

21st(t) - Fire Claw Racing  0pts

21st(t) - ND Racing  0pts

21st(t) - FOTF Racing  0pts

21st(t) - Outlaw Racing  0pts

So, I know 41-14 and Little Bug Racing are from Alberta,Canada(like me), but I am wondering who Wild Rose Racing is.... Alberta's slogan is "Wild Rose Country"... just wondering if there is any connection.

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HotWheelsRacing A few hours ago

Its safe to say its a good thing I didnt enter bc 9.81racing is going to win.

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