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First off, I know it's January as I type this, but this would be a collaborated event where the cars would spend the summer traveling the RLD circuit...whether it's two  (2) races a month or just one(1), that would be determined as we plan and move forward.

I would start the series on Memorial Day Weekend, since I will be holding Legends of Tobacco Road - HW Originals then anyway...and I would finish it on Labor Day Weekend on Bootleg Run since I will also be holding Bootleg Run - Dixie Gran Prix. So, that is the beginning and end of summer...the logistics of other host tracks can be ironed out if we indeed move forward with this series event...and I would love to see it happen. Please give your feedback on doing this whether it's racing, hosting or would be awesome and with a point system decided upon it would have a Pro-Series type feel to it.

The Corvettes would be 1953 to 1982...Generations 1-3 of the Corvette. 

...let's do this!!!

For the record I'd like to see 2 races in June, July and August sandwhiched between the Memorial Day and Labor Day races
...that be a total of 8 races
I like it! (Who knows--maybe I'd even get my cars in on time!)

I'm race and host :)

Good Deal...figured you'd dig it
We will talk in the coming months about putting this together for Summer 2018...I know you're going to be locked down for awhile

Just an idea I'd like to throw in ... since you mentioned having them race on two different styles of track, do you think you could have every host enter them on one regular drag strip and one more creative-style track? For instance, if I were to host (and if I were to bring them to the LJLRC and race them on their tracks), I could put them down their regular track the first time around, and their Banger Race track the second. (That track is an open-track drag race on a wood track that funnels at the end to be wide enough for one car. All of this assuming I had the LJLRC's permission.) Could turn it into an entertaining endurance series, with a rule in place for no repairs to be done on the cars throughout the circuit should any get damaged....

I don't think everyone has a different style track other than myself....CC Rider excluded and I wouldn't want the cars damaged with Bootleg Run being the last race in the far as racing goes...I don't care if it's more than 8 races...but clean racing on two lane racing tracks.

...and this just isn't my baby, but the RLD community as a whole

Whatever you think is best; sounds fun either way! Good point about not many others having non-drag racing tracks.

This is the vision I see for the Series....and my vision would be more than 8 races, but here it is as of now bouncing around in the ole LoS brain pan.

Race Schedule/ Dates TBD

Tobacco Road-NC

GTAMan's Track-WV

Sussex Speedway-NJ

LJLRC-RI (through DVB or FOTF)

Redline Derby Speedway-OH

D64 track (2 lane)-Utah

Gulf City Dragway-FL

Bootleg Run-NC

...and would love to see them on more tracks than this..    

GTAMan has'nt been around in awhile, but i'm going to reach out soon...also JDub has been MIA and he's got the Brickyard up in Washington.
...Washington state that is.
Just PM'ed JDub
You have my support

That'd be really neat to see them on that many tracks! The only thing I would suggest with having them race at the LJLRC would be to have them race there in June (maybe that was your plan anyway). I say this because they're pretty busy in July with Diecast Jam, and I sometimes am unable to attend the August meetings due to another commitment that often falls on the same day. As far as being the one to host/bring them there goes ... I haven't done that in a while--you can put me down for it if you want.

Sounds good...we have time to bring this together and one of the reasons I got it out there now even though it's a Summer 2018 Event
Cool!--and good idea to plan ahead.

Yes I'm all in on the corvette summer


How many cars can i enter? I would like to host a race. My track will be different than the bftpb. As far as point systems go what about MarioKart 8 style. 15, 12, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. And so on if there is more racers and races

We will get all the logistics ironed out before the Event is Green Lighted...all the host tracks will be vetted and set before we start. Also, wanting to host and actually being able/ready to host an Event like this are two different things...first and foremost being able to video and upload to youtube is a top of the list requirement. There is much more to hosting a race than just running the cars down a track...that's that the easy part.

My friend is coming over this weekend to show me how to do it for the bftpb so i will be more than ready to host a tourney. Im a quick learner

Looking forward to following the process

Im going to enter 3 cars including possibly one mod. Also if i dont send in 3 cars and just send 2 stock can i mod it then enter it late in the season and have it compete for pts. Maybe like if it wins a race then it would be in the playoffs or if it can get x amount of pts to get to the playoffs. If you dont do playoffs i think that the absolute deadline should be by race 3 to give it time to catch up. If my track for example is race 3 i could just enter it in the series at that time and have it play catch up.

Whoa...slow ya roll will be two(2) car's and you would have to make the first race to be in the series. Also, it doesn't start until Memorial Day Weekend...if it starts at all...we are in the infancy of this planning wise and it will start to crank up in March and we should know in April if it's Green Lighted.

...patience grasshopper.

Just some suggestions, GRANDPA. Lol:)

Duly noted

Bump/Heads Up....putting out some early feelers for setting the schedule up for this Event. The month of June after the Tobacco Road race Memorial Day Weekend has already been hopefully know soon if Race # 2 in June is a Go and I've PM'ed a hopeful host and participant for Race # 3 late June/early July.

Updates to come as I get some feedback....Peace-LoS

LO$ I'm flexible and willing to host Corvette Summer race. Just plug me in where-ever. I am hoping to host a fall race later in the season, a Fab 50's race. Fat fenders, lead sleds, fins, 50's cars etc...

@ Mopar Mafia - I was hoping you could do a race in August before the Vettes return for Labor Day Weekend for the finale on Bootleg Run.

I can do that, let me know
Will do...August is your date/month

I cant host bc i dont have the start or finish gates so i would just take part in the commpetition.

Can i enter a 2018 model?


The Corvettes would be 1953 to 1982...Generations 1-3 of the Corvette. 

....stated up top in the rules.

Image result for 1954 Corvette

1953 Corvette....not even sure HW made a 1953 casting

Image result for 1982 Corvette Collectors Edition

1982 Corvette before the body change most call 80's Vette....which is really a 1983 Corvette

They did

RR wheels....drill and FTE swap would be needed

1982....RR Wheels HW Limited Edition

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