Dear Santa....

RobertBcfc Saturday, 12/19/2020

When my son was writing his letter to the big man a few weeks back it brought to mind thoughts we have about those "Holy Grail" cars that always seem out of reach for one reason or another.  The ones that never seem to be on eBay, have a really high price, or just seem inaccessible for some reason.

I was thinking everyone probably has a list of them - interested to see other people's.  Some may have a story behind them, others obvious ones that are just too pricey to justify the outlay - I'm gonna kick off with ten (in no order):

1) Red Line Club - Shelby Cobra S/C

2) The Hot Ones - Pontiac Fiero (white)

3) Redline Noodlehead

4) Noodlist

5) JL Black with Flames 68 Camaro

6) The Hot Ones Frontrunnin Fairmont

7) Red Line Club Custom Convoy (Blue)

8) Datsun 240Z (2006 FTE White)

9) Ford GTX-1 (2014 High Speed Wheels)

10) Human Torch Funny Car (1979)

The GTX is one that I first saw on the "Fastest Hot Wheels" YouTube channel - I was brand new to collecting and racing and had just Googled "which Hot Wheels cars are fastest" in order to start getting the fastest ones.  Of their list, it's the last one I need.

Would be nice to see people post a list and update as they get their hands on the ones they want.

It may even be that other Redline Derby members have a spare one laying around in a package that they could help the person posting out with - who knows - but looking forward to seeing what would appear on your letter to Santa.




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Uncle_Elvis 12/19/20

Fairmonts can be snatched off eBay for as low as $6-$7. $40+ for in package, minty ones though. I have had good luck with the cheaper, loose ones. Out of three, one was a dud, one was decent, but the third one was awesome 

  • They’ll (I’m after the Hot Ones casting and the 82 mainline with GHOs) - the packaged ones on eBay I’ve seen recently have been $40 with extortionate postage to the uk on top which busts my £50 max limit per car. Of the list though, I think they’ll probably be the first ones I hit. Just a question of patience. Hope you have a great Christmas and a happy 2021 to you and family — RobertBcfc
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SpyDude 12/19/20

There's a website called, all stuff out of the packages.  You might be able to find what you are searching for there - the guy has quite the collection.

  • Thanks, that is a great resource. I’m looking for packaged versions though, the unboxing element will play a part once the stars finally align and I’m in a position to launch — RobertBcfc
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redlinederby 12/19/20
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I'm not a chaser or big collector so I don't have any holy grail cars that I scour for, at least not in the vintage sense. But I guess the ones I'm bummed I wasn't able to find in the wild were the Japan Historics from a couple years ago. The door warmers gobbled them up and I never saw them on the pegs. 

I also dig the car transports and I know those are still out there, I just can never seem to find them (except the one with a purple Porsche). My wife got me the Skyline for my birthday and that was great to see...hopefully she didn't pay too much for it. I'm still looking for the Mazda transport.

  • Wow that Skyline looks awesome emerging from the back of the race lorry. — RobertBcfc
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RobertBcfc 12/20/20

I've made a start!  This afternoon I had some luck betting on the football (soccer) and decided to invest my winnings. 

I started at the top and found the Cobra on eBay - one's now winging its way to me from Canada 

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