Did you know...you have a personal image gallery?

redlinederby Wednesday, 9/11/2019
Site manager

One of the few luxuries we have on the web site is image hosting. Any member can upload an image to use in their posts. Those images are saved right here on the site...no Photo Bucket, no Image Shack, no eBay...we're not relying on anyone but ourselves.

And every image you upload is added to your personal image gallery. As such, you can insert images from your gallery into any post at a later time. You don't need to upload the same photo again and again.

Using your personal image gallery

The first time you upload new photo, you choose Upload from device, either your phone or computer. You know this step...

If you want to use the same image again in another post or someplace else on the site, just pick the Choose from gallery option instead of uploading.

Selecting Choose from gallery will open your personal image gallery and you can select any image you've previously uploaded. And the gallery includes every image you've uploaded.

It's that easy. No need to keep uploading the same photos over and over again when you want to show off a car or track. Plus, you can check out your personal gallery at anytime going into your account and choose Images from the menu. 

We've tried to make it easy to share photos and hopefully this little feature helps.


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