DIY corkscrew rally track

Dj2112yyz Wednesday, 5/12/2021

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redlinederby 5/12/21
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Wow! Total custom, way to go. And it looks like a small footprint too?

How did you test your layout?

  • I didn't test anything, I built the corkscrew first and went from their. It is also modular 4 pieces. — Dj2112yyz
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Rusty 5/12/21

Man I like that!

What is the footprint size?

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SpyDude 5/12/21

Oooohhhh ..... this looks wicked. Great work on hand-crafting a spiral.

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Dj2112yyz 5/13/21

the base.the corkscrew .the tunnel and front stretch. And the starting gate. 

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Dj2112yyz 5/13/21

starting gate 

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Dj2112yyz 5/13/21

  • What IS that stuff? Concrete mix? — SpyDude
  • It's a latex product that is used to level wood or concrete flooring. — Dj2112yyz

Dude that looks insane

  • Thanks It's been a lot of fun. — Dj2112yyz
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Dj2112yyz 5/14/21

The track is made out of 4" cardboard tubing,a  Cardboard Box and  some Styrofoam. The Styrofoam is  covered with  a mixture of wood glue with water and paper towels and toilet paper. 

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Chaos_Canyon 5/14/21

Nice work on making those cardboard cores into banked turns. First person I've seen use this approach.

  • Thanks, me being a poor Flooring installer I have access of plenty 4" cardboard tubing. So I'm using wait I have. I love your YouTube channel. Phrasing — Dj2112yyz
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SpyDude 5/14/21

This is a really unusual and unique build.

  • Thanks, I need to figure out how to install a video on here. — Dj2112yyz

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