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DIY Electronic Timer with Four-Digit LED Displays for < $100

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I'm very new to this sight and would like to build the timer. Please can someone tell me were I can get diagrams and instructions for the build?

Regards R 

  • User JoJo doesn't appear to be active on this site for awhile. You might try sending them a PM directly to see about the circuits diagrams. — Mopar_Mafia
  • Also the photobucket fiasco has left some carnage affect on this forum with broken links to photos. The website owner is working to fix — Mopar_Mafia
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redlinederby 8/4/17
Site manager

Please browse through the Finish Line articles and you'll find a lot more posts about making your own track timer. There are lots of different styles and techniques, most of which do include links and specs. 

All about finish lines

As was mentioned, some of the images might be missing but all the links should still work.

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