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RobertBcfc Thursday, 7/22/2021

I've just purchased a GT Racer from the 2011 Hot Ones collection.  It's a car I've been after for a while - essentially the white one that features prominently on the Hot Ones packaging, metal body, metal base with Ultra Hot wheels.

Should be fast.

But then I realised it had arrived in the box for the Hot Ones Myers Manx.

I collect for racing purposes like most here I guess, but I think there is a market for error cards/cars and I didn't want to crack it open without exploring that.

What kind of prices do these things go for?  Is EBay the best bet? 

I'm not going to open it for a while so if there are any error collectors here who would be interested just message me and let me know.

Otherwise she'll be part of the post summer break Grand Prix I'll line up with my son.




They're made for cracking. They won't make you rich so enjoy it. That's my two cents.

well actually they will make you rich if you find the right person. however there is only like 2 of those people in the world. just crack it. ive seen ways to switch cars while preserving the card. someone proly just attempted a swap and give it back to the store keeping the car he wanted while dooping the store employee when they didn't accept he just sold it online effectively cutting his losses. it's like t-hunts / st-hunts when you buy them in store they're a buck that's all they're worth well actually they're worth what a person is willing to pay, for some it's a 100 bucks for me it's a buck, now you can go online and find the car you want for 20 bucks but it's still worth a dollar, difference being online it may take 5-10 min to find in store it may take a half the hour to 30 years to find em given certain factors where you live, scalpers in the area, and regulatory of stores restocking periods, heck u may never find one but it's fun to hunt. any sorry for the rambling long story short crack it.

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RobertBcfc 7/23/21

Thanks guys, that's good enough for me...

it'll be lining up in the September 2021 GP with the rest of em!

Never really come across it before so thought it better to ask 

Thanks all,


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