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F1 Racer Summer Grand Prix! (FULL) (Only stand by slots)

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Clint 5/28/24

Pack! I am working on groups A and B races. If I don't post comments here it's because I am busy creating your race. Once I finish the first race I will post a time line on YouTube for your event. 

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Clint 6/12/24


I am almost done with Group A race. Hopefully, I will be calling the race this weekend and if I can wrap up I will post the race earlier than the 21st, which is the release date. I will do some local promotions and community post to promote the race. 

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Clint 6/23/24

Pack! Done with group A race. Have to clear up a copyright issue before I can post. 


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Clint 6/30/24

Pack, Group A race is posted.   I will post results after the 4th so your derby stats will update. in the mean time I am working on group B. If you have any question or you saw an error please let me know. Losing race cars will be returned as soon as possible. Some winning cars need to be touched up before the final. Enjoy!

  • Great first Episode! This track really lets those cars stretch their legs — Crazy_Canuck
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Clint 7/5/24

Pack-Group B next - Please be patient Working hard on this group.  

Group B

C C- Indie Rayne, G-pack-Charles, Ryan Thunder,  Lobotomy, Spirit of 64-Roundwell, Uncle Elvis (pink). 

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Clint 7/7/24

The Den Mechanical report:

Group A Problems: 

1. R-LO- TIM- paint - Will be touched up with blue paint for final.

2. Crazy Canuck- paint - Will be touched up with red paint for final 

Group B Problems: 

1. Dutch Clutch: Wheel base- exploring ways to fix the issue 

2. Fat Dad: Axle - exploring ways to fix the issue 

  • I consider battle damage a badge of honor — RLoRacing
  • Rubbin is racin…ain’t no complaints here — Crazy_Canuck

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