Falken - LeMans Legends Series

Saturday, May 4th, 2024
Hosted by Canadian Driving Club | Marcus Firegone
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MarcusFiregone Friday, 10/15/2021

Welcome to the legendary LeMans race series sponsored by Falken Tires.  This is a single casting event.  We have chosen the Porsche 934 Turbo RSR of 1976.  This will consist of a single race weekend with Qualifying on Saturday and Race Day on Sunday.  It will be a grueling 10 laps in the Marcus Firegone GRID-6 tournament formation style for a total of 12 cars.  That is two groups of six cars running down the track ten times with each lap starting in the order in which they finished the previous lap.  Cars that spin-out are sent back in the packs allowing other cars to move up.  Who can get into the lead and keep it!  Points are awarded to the top 10 cars that cross the finish line on the 10th lap and a Trophy is awarded to the Winner!

Rules & restrictions

  • Only 1 Casting:  Porsche 934 Turbo RSR
  • Maximum 50 grams (no minium weight restriction)
  • Casting must remain intact: no visible weights & original casting design
  • Undercarage modifications are allowed as long as it is not visible from above
  • Windows can be blackened from the inside to conceil weights.
  • 1 Entry per Person (Team/Driver/Car)
  • No restrictions on Wheels, Axles or Weights (Black/Gray Wheels, i.e.: NOT clear or orange)
  • GTE PRO/AM - NO CAR NUMBERS - remove all numbers from your car. Standard numbers will be applied to your car on your behalf after the car arrives at the track (see below). You can request a number if well in advance before the numbers are ordered, otherwise a number will be assigned.
  • Falken - Livery, decals, and/or wheels NOT required but allowed.
  • Dry lube only

Dates & deadlines

Entries were colleced in 2022, and the event is currently full.  Sorry for the delay.

Qualifying - Saturday May 4th 2024

Race Day - Sunday May 5th 2024

How to enter

Contact the tournament host to get the shipping address for entry. It is best if you contact the tournament host, Marcus Firegone, on the Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/groups/843628836208348

Include a Race Entry ID slip with your entry


Snow Valley East - Ontario Canada

Race format and scoring

Using the GRID-6 Formation Tournament Rules.  Creating a 12 car grid split into two Packs of 6 cars.  All cars must complete 10 laps to win.  Car will qualify for their starting positions but will then move up or down the packs based on passing and DNFs.  Cars that don't land on their wheels "crash", are eliminated.  Cars that go off track or stall on track, will be moved to the front of the next Group.  Cars only move up Groups if there is a Crash or a multi-car DNF that forces a race restart "Red Flag".  (Same rules as the 2025 Formula $pecial will be applied).


Falken Tire, Florence Turgeon, Canadian Driving Club (including Marcus Firegone & the Snow Valley Racers)



If a car fails to meet any of the restrictions listed above, the car may be subject to disqualification. We will work with the Team/Driver to resolve any such problems.

Cars that fail to run or fit on the track, or that happen to break during racing, will forfeit their matches. Cars that arrive broken or that break during racing will attempt to be minimally repaired before the racing begins/continues. Teams/Drivers may replace a car during the season by notifying the tournament host and sending in a replacement car.

Race Weekend


Saturday 10:00 AM - Qualifying Round 1

Each car has one qualifying lap.  Car are run in order of their car number from lowest to highest.

Saturday 2:00 PM - Qualifying Round 2

Each car will have a second attempt to improve their time in order from Round 1 slowest time to best time.  Any car that fails to record a time during these two Qualifying Sessions will have a 3rd and final chance to record a time at the end of this qualifying session or be eliminated from the race.  If this 3rd attempt successfully records a time but was due to physical changes made to the car itself, like a wheel swap, then regardless of the time posted, the car will start from the back of the grid.

Sunday 3:00 PM - Race Day

Ten laps of Snow Valley East in GRID-6 tournament formation with Breakaway (as per the Formula $pecial Season 3 rules).  Pole positions are based on best qualifying time, fastest to slowest.  Points are awarded on the final lap.  There are 12 cars, so there are two Groups to start.  Group 1:  P1-P6, and Group 2:  P7-P12.


If any car goes off track and lands on its wheels, it is moved back to the 1st position of the next Group.  So, a Group 1 car would move back to Group 2 (technically P7).  For a car in Group 2, a new Group, Group 3, would be created.  If any car DNFs from Group 3, that car is eliminated from the race.  IF, there are more than 6 cars in Group 3, a Group 4 is created.  Same applies for Group 4, if any car DNFs it is out.

If a single car stops on the track, it is moved to the side and treated as if it went off track and landed on its wheels.

If a car stops on track or goes off track and lands on its wheels from either Group 3 or Group 4 it is removed from the race and considered retired from the race.

If a car crashes, landing on its roof or side, it is removed from the race.

If a car crashes on track (even just over-haning the track) or multiple cars come to a stop together on the track, a Red Flag is called.  This stops the race immediately, no more Groups, if there are any, go down the track.  That is the end of the current lap.


The concept of the breakaway is this, cars DO NOT move up Groups unless there is a Red Flag event.  So, if the lead group, Group 1, losses 5 cars due to going off track, the remaining car will continue to be the only car in Group 1 until such time as a Red Flag event occurs (see DNFs & Red Flag for more details).

Red Flag:

If a car crashes on track (even just overhanging the track) or multiple cars come to a stop together on the track, a Red Flag is called. This stops the race immediately, no more Groups, if there are any, go down the track. That is the end of the current Lap.

The Group or Groups that completed their Lap are put into their new positions based on how they finished and any Groups that did not get to run the lap remain in their original positions.

During the Red Flag, cars queue up behind the pace car and gaps are filled.  Thus, Group 2 cars move up to Group 1 if there are spots available, Group 3 cars move up to Group 1 or 2 if there are spots available, and so on until we have a condenced field of 2 or less Groups.  The next Lap is run in this new order.

If the final Lap, Lap 10, has a Red Flag event, cars are regrouped as above and run for an 11th and final Lap.  In the unlikely event that Lap 11 results in a Red Flaged as well, there is one more restart for a Lap 12 and if that is Red Flaged the entire race event is ended, and cars are marked down as finishing in their current positions.

Points Awarded:

Teams/Drivers are only awarded points at the end of the last Lap.  Same as F1, 25 points for 1st, 18 points for 2nd, 15 points for 3rd, 12 points for 4th, 10 points for 5th, 8 points for 6th, 6 points for 7th, 4 points for 8th, 2 points for 9th, and 1 point for 10th.  No points for 11th & 12th.  There is no extra points for Pole Position or Fastest Lap.  Note that Drivers/Cars must cross the finish line on the last lap in order to receive points for the race event.  A DNF on the final lap does not count as finishing the race.


The Winner receives a Trophy!


  • 44 - Cheap Thrills Racing - Triple B (arrived)
  • 8 - Eyes Up Racing - Igor Baron (arrived)
  • 0 - Underdogs_Unleashed - Blake (arrived)
  • 68 - Code 3 Motorsports - Sarge (arrived)
  • 6 - Minature Car Racing - Bolo Brown (arrived)
  • 82 - Grumpy Cloud Racing - Mark Pan (arrived)
  • 53 - The EH-Team - The Crazy Canuck (arrived)
  • 42 - Numbskull Racing - Johnnie Walker (arrived)
  • 72 - Man Child Motorsports - Papa Pugsley (arrived)
  • 11 - N.J. Drive Racing Team - Agent 11 (arrived)
  • 14 - Falken Motorsports - Joel Eriksson (arrived)
  • 15 - Falken Motorsports - Alessio Picariello (arrived)


  • 20 - Playz Diecast - Bobby Disco (withdrew)
  • 18 - MnM Racing League - Jon Samuel (withdrew)
  • 84 - Jack John and Katie Racing - John Receveur (withdrew)
  • 56 - JMS Racing Team - Cyril Grandet (withdrew)


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Papa_Pugsley 5/15/22

I see where you still had a couple spots left. Let me know and I cab build one quick and get it out by the end of the week

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Numbskull 5/16/22

If you need another driver, I have a 'Porsche 934 Turbo RSR' on-hand, and I can build it this week.


Numbskull Racing.

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