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RobertBcfc Sunday, 11/24/2019

Whenever I see that prefix my natural instinct is to finish the sentence with "Ever" - maybe that shows I spend way too much time Hot Wheels Collecting, that I'm a sucker for marketing, or that I just need to get out more....but I've been giving a lot of thought recently to another concept "Faster Than Average"

By that I mean, do you, when ranking your cars maintain a kind of "par score" and if so, how?

Do you think, ok I class Wolverine from the Avengers series to be averagely fast - if a car beats him it goes in the faster bracket.  Or do you work via timings? Or some other mechanism? Or just finger in the air, good old gut instinct?

Really interested to hear if or how you set the bar? 


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redlinederby 11/24/19
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I don't have a timer for my track so I can't go on fast times, which I kind of like because it allows there to be more "hope & mystique" around the casting. Rather than 3s car vs 4s car where you just "know" that the 3s will can be, "I bet that car will win this time!"

Anyway...I set my speed bar first based on just how I see it go down the track compared to no other cars. Just a visual, "that looks fast" type of thing...race long enough, you can see it. That'll put the car into a first qualifying bucket. Then I'll have it race some of the They're Always Fast cars and see where it sits.

At the end of the day, I think there is a Faster Than Average bucket where cars end up, if for nothing else it gives me a list of cars to look for when I'm out and about that I can always grab.

After the FTAs are kind of grouped, I sort them out by theme so I can have a go-to list for when races pop up with a certain theme.

  • That sounds great, I know what you mean, whenever I do time trial races I do them on a track setup that’s outside of the norm, just so it doesn’t spoil the surprise when cars are paired up — RobertBcfc
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