Finally finished Smitty's Gassers!

WorpeX Friday, 4/12/2019

A long long time ago in RLD history, one of our own users Smitty (model40fan) sent me a bunch of parts to be used for Gassers as well as some complete ones. Anyway, i've finally finished getting the last one put together. This man sure knows how to buld 'em! Here are some pictures to enjoy!

The last one, Ford Ranchero!

The whole family...


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72_Chevy_C10 4/13/19
Event coordinator

Awesome...I have a bunch of Smitty's stuff around. And the start gate on my track is one Smitty built :)

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Nightstalker 4/14/19

Smitty was that friend I never met. After Sandy hit Jersey he called the house to see if we where ok. I was working but my Wife chatted with him. A cool guy for sure.

  • Any idea what hes been up to lately? — WorpeX

Lost gem of RLD. super creative, and a master of mixing castings to get "the look" he was going for.  Convinced me that I could make cars better than the factory.  Always willing to build and share with members here. Soild dude for sure.

Miss Ya Smitty!!!

  • Yeah, I still have a pile of bases and chassis left that he sent me. To me, I have no idea how I can possibly get them to work together but I can bet that Smitty had some plan for all of them! — WorpeX
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72_Chevy_C10 4/17/19
Event coordinator

I had the pleasure of meeting Smitty...the rear for my '53 Ford came from Smitty. All I can say is that Smitty was exactly what I expected...and his garage was amazing...every square once of the garage walls was covered with stuff!

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