Finally found the new 2021 Lancia

redlinederby Monday, 3/15/2021
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I find it kind of sad yet telling that I found more 2021 castings at the Dollar Tree than I did at Kroger or Meijer or other bigger spots...but hey...finally got by hands on a few of the Lancia castings. Such a great rally casting and a seemingly surprising amount of detail for a mainline. Love the wheels too. Might have to grab this one again if they put it out as a premium.

What other 2021 castings have you found in your area?


I've seen quite a few of those. My favorites so far are the red Kia Stinger, Retro Active, and that new red Grand Cross.

Another is my ID Chase Batman Arkham Knight Batmobile.

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SpyDude 3/15/21

I just found it as well, grabbed a couple but haven't torn into them yet.

I agree, the casting is great for a mainline.

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Big_Al 3/16/21

I just found one at the Meijer here in my town.  Only one though.  I've picked up a few of the red stingers but they aren't doing as well as some of the others (maybe just need more breaking in).  My favorite find today though was a couple of Mystery Machines.  I'm hoping to see a "Mystery Machine Mashup" to follow up the ever popular "Plethora of Party Wagons" and now I'm prepared!

  • Lucky on the Mystery Machines. I've only seen and grabbed one or two over the past year or more, not common here at all. — redlinederby
  • So the red stinger isn't as good as the blue. Good to know. — EightOCRacing
  • And before I forget... ROOBY ROO!!! — EightOCRacing
  • Don't write the red Stingers off on just my experience with the two I have. They were from the same box and might not be a good representation. — Big_Al
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