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RobertBcfc Thursday, 4/25/2019

I’m looking to start collecting NASCAR type castings more seriously.

I have quite a collection of Winners Circle models but with rubber tyres they are for show rather than racing and I understand that a lot of HW models are Real Rider based and therefore fall into a similar category.

But, I think there is a series from the late 90s early 00s that can be set apart from these by having “rolls fast on Hot Wheels track” (or words to that effect) on the packaging.

These are the ones I’m after.

Is there a name for this particular series, or a model listing that can be found somewhere?

Thanks in advance for any help 



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WorpeX 4/25/19

I wish I had some true answers for you on this. However, I do have one of these early 00's HotWheels NASCAR castings. I can verify that they're fast. Now, i'm not saying its top 5 on my track, but I wouldn't be surprised if this Tide car ended up in the top 20 of the LifeLine Tournament i'm currently hosting.

Edit: I think the best way to find what you're looking for is the Wiki. I found a lot of the castings here:

Mine appears to be the 1999 Taurus Stocker, though my particular variant doesn't seem listed.

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RobertBcfc 4/25/19

Thanks!! That’s a fantastic list and should keep me going for a while for sure!

The above is an example of the ones I was originally looking for.  It seems so random that some of the series had R.R. and others were mega quick!

I’ve spotted about five different examples of models packaged in that format, but have no idea if more are out there.

I’m going to have a look for a Taurus - you’re the second person who told me they’re very fast from around that period.  I’ll post what I end up finding here 

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WorpeX 4/25/19

I can't tell but that looks like the Retooled Pontiac Stocker. Again though, it doesn't seem to be on the list.

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RobertBcfc 4/26/19

I’m looking back at a lot of the Pro Racing Series from around that time.  The front of the packaging says “with real “rubber” tyres” - I’m taking that to mean Real Riders but not sure if I’m being too literal?

The ones in the packaging above don’t make that claim though so I’m thinking they are the quicker ones potentially 

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Repiv88888 5/8/19

From my own personal experience, i would agree that the particular Nascar castings i've found to be the quickest are the ones similar to the image you posted above (the #45 sprint car) from the 2000 series.

For a while i was testing out the 1997 hot wheels pro racing series, but i just wasnt finding anything with decent speed.  i was confused because i've seen several race videos on youtube showing these Nascars winning races and beating other fast car regulars.  I thought those were probably from this series (because anything with rubber wheels are not competetive). I bought several of them, all new, and got the same result.....less than impressive speed.

Then i was looking through Ebay and i noticed a car from the 2000 series, like your image above.  I decided to buy one and try.  What a difference!  It was immediately competetive with several of my very fast cars (king kennys, noodleheads, fairmonts, etc)

I have since purchased a few more, and the results are similar.  For now anyways, and until im convinced otherwise, it seems as though this 2000 series tend to be the fastest Nascar castings for downhill racing.  

If anyone has more info, please share. 

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WorpeX 5/13/19

I ended up finding more of these 2000 era NASCAR's in my collection. Unfortunately, I think neglect in my youth has damaged them enough that they aren't really race ready. I do thave the previously mentioned Sprint car, Penzoil Pontiac, the white Taurus Stocker, Circuit City Tbird and Mcdonalds Tbird. Obviously the Blue Taurus is the Gem of my collection. But the Mcdonalds and Penzil ones look to be in good condition too. Might need to race them more often.

As for the Blue Tide Stocker, it has indeed advanced to the top 20 of the Lifeline tournament and seems to be in a good position to make it to the finals as well!

  • Thanks for all the tips with this, as a starter I managed to pick up the Sprint car and also a John Andretti Pontiac (STP tampo) - they both look great and I’ll definitely be in for more soon — RobertBcfc
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