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redlinederby Wednesday, 9/21/2011
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Some good news and some bad news. Good news is, you'll all get some free points this week. Bad news is, some cars are being removed. I did some racing tonight and discovered a few problems.

Turns out the Porsche Carrera is a bit too wide for the track, specifically at the spots where my track segments join (I need a roll!). So the thing couldn't even make it down the hill. So it's match-up against the Ferrari 288 this weekend is a freebie. Don't pick the Porsche.

Another car that failed to make the grade is the Superbird FTE. While it's not too wide for the track, it's wheels are screwed and barely makes it down the hill without scrapping and whining. So, don't pick the Superbird in the Chevy Stocker round one.

So everyone that pays attention will get 20 free points in picks this weekend. Sorry for the trouble.


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Jobe 9/22/11 points!

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JDC442 9/22/11

Dang! I had the Porsche winning it all

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