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JDC442 5/5/14

Jim TLD must have lost his internet way up in those California mountains yesterday.  

For this race Tastelikedirt Raceway had a 4 ft. high starting line. A 12 ft. downhill and an 18 ft straight away to the finish. The last 18 ft. also slightly down hill. 3o ft. overall length.

Here are the first round match ups. 32 cars total.

Round 1:

  • #41 had a cute wiggly before she left for Cally! — Milton-Fox
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Milton-Fox 5/6/14

Do we know the weights on these two?  I am interested in how the new wheels did.  They obviously won!

  • I didn't weigh any cars. I assume they're all close to 57 grams. — tastelikedirt
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KandORacing 5/6/14

I noticed my Cougar didn't race?

  • I'm still posting the photos and my internet has slowed to a crawl. I'm working on gettin' them all up. — tastelikedirt
  • OK Thanks for letting me know! — KandORacing

On to Round two and the brackets look like this.

Round 2:

Now for Round 3. The brackets now look like this.

Round 3:

Quarter Finals


  • Congratulations! — Milton-Fox
  • Congratualtions Jim! I guess you're back in the saddle — KandORacing
  • glad to have you back... i think. — model40fan
  • Welcome back fellow Washingtonian... — Stroller

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