Honda Spocket

RobertBcfc Tuesday, 6/4/2019

I’ve asked a couple of questions recently about fast castings and ended up with three amazing cars as a result of your feedback (a Pontiac Rageous, a Banshee and a Zender Fact Four).

I wanted to ask about a more famous model - the Honda Spocket.  I know there’s an FTE model out there, which I have no doubt is fast, but there are at least four other versions that I know of.

What are your experiences of them? Any thoughts on which is the fastest?

thanks in advance 



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WorpeX 6/4/19

I only have one Spocket, the first edition, but i've always liked it. Middle of the pack car, very similar in speeds to the Pontiac Rageous and maybe a bit faster. Of the 4 cars you mentioned, i'd rank it second in speed below the Banshee.

I've been on the lookout for the FTE version but haven't found it as of yet.

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