Old Fantasy League database back online, car stats and race history

redlinederby Friday, 8/1/2014
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UPDATE: Please use the links on this post to see old fantasy league car data. Links below may not be valid.

I put the old Fantasy League car database back online. These pages contain car stats, rankings and tournament history. The track database is also available for cross reference if you need.

Visit the old Fantasy League race database (NO LONGER WORKS AS OF Jan 2019)

Since the old site is otherwise offline, I had to remove some links and options. You may also find that some pages are missing or don't work anymore. However, the main car database, tournament history and track database should be fully functional and ready for research. Enjoy.

All of this data will be copied over to the new Fantasy League game once it is completed.


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redlinederby 11/11/15
Site manager

Was looking back over the Fantasy League database and figured it would be good to bump for some newer folks that came long after the Fantasy League ended...but all the stats are still available. A lot of focus around here is mods but the Fantasy League database could be a good guide when looking for a fast stock car or even just a model to start with.

For some insight to the rankings, the Fantasy League game used the Elo rating system where cars start with a ranking of 1200, going up as the win, down as they lose. The nice part about the Elo formula is the amount of change is relative to the probability of the win. So if a higher ranked car beats a low ranked car, it's not a surprise so their ratings don't change much. But if a lower rated car wins, it'll get a good bump while the other goes down.

...and yes, the plan is for the Fantasy League to come back online. I'm just as anxious as you are. I wish I could make it happen overnight but patience is a virtue...so I hear...

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hotrainiac 12/30/15

It was fun to check out the old data base.....those were some fun times, that are missed.