Hot Wheels ID, whatcha think?

Team164Bruno Tuesday, 12/10/2019

I'm not one to take advantage of the chip id technology and do any online electronic racing, but I've started collecting these cars because the graphics and finish qualities really appeal to me. I'm also curious about the possibility that they may be good candidates for downhill gravity racing. Has anyone here tried them in either stock or modified configurations? 


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WorpeX 12/10/19

Wooo, now heres a question that I can answer! I'm in the same boat as you. I LOVE these ID cars. They just look so cool and they selected some fantastic castings for it. I've bought way too many for a 30 year old at this point.

With that said, as far as downhill speed goes they're mostly unimpressive. Out of the 18 that I own, 3 of them are in the top 50 on my track. 2 are currently sitting at 89 and 98 and the rest are below 200. The wheels that they put on these look cool but really aren't very fast. You would think for the price tag they would throw nikel plated axels on them, but they don't. They might be designed for track but I don't think mattel actually cares if they are fast or not.

As for the app, I have come to the conclusion that the "speed" it displays when crossing the portal is a lie and is mostly random numbers. The cars that get the fastest speeds on the portal don't seem to line-up with the ones that perform the best in side-by-side races.

Anyway, here are links to the win/loss records of the ID cars on my track:

The top car is the Mercedes AMG. It has been VERY impressive so far with 5 wins against FTEs this season (Bye Focal, Super Snake, California, Delorean, 16 Angels) and is currently ranked at #15 on my track. It's still in the winners bracket of an on-going 500 car tournament.

#40 and #49 is the Viper and the Rally Finale. The Viper had two big wins against the 512m FTE and Ballistik recently. The Rally Finale hasn't really had any super impressive wins up to this point but both cars are still in the winners bracket as well.

Anyway, hope these links help people!

I am EXTREMELY excited for the HW50 to come out though! I'm shocked you have one already, Amazon says it doesn't come out until Jan. A 2019 Mainline HW50 is currently #3 on my track. I am really stoked to see a HWID version!

  • You’ve got a lot of great information there, I appreciate your response. So far I haven’t tried any on my track (DragTracks 21ft) nor have I weighed any, they seem pretty lightweight. The low weight might help sling them through the dedicated track but maybe not so good on a gravity track. So far other than the Deloreans I’ve found these at local Targets. — Team164Bruno
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redlinederby 12/10/19
Site manager

I'm not really going after the ID cars...just too expensive at this point. The cars are very pretty but that will only find me getting the cars I really enjoy. They're certainly too expensive to consider cracking open for modified racing. For stock, I'm happy to let the Worpexes of the world do their racing and I'll follow along...if a stand-out surfaces, I'll bite on that.

You can also check out the Hot Wheels ID section here on the site for more posts about them.

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Team164Bruno 12/12/19

VW T1-GTR test mule apart and ready for modification. Not sure what those will be though.. 

  • Where's the metal? Is it the roll cage thing? — redlinederby
  • Yessir, the only metal is the cage thing which is also the lower body. The vehicle checks in at 35 grams stock — Team164Bruno
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Team164Bruno 12/12/19

Found a couple more at my local Target today. Was really wanting the Jeep and happened by the shelf as they were putting up new stock. I'll take it. 

  • Wow, never seen that Jeep before! — WorpeX
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Mattman213 12/12/19

I always said Ide avoid em but I LOVE the Miura and over Black Friday I asked my wife to snag one if she could find it.  Apparently it was already long gone so no dice.  Then I ran across a KITT and Time Machine the other day and finally bit the bullet.  My Son is still a little young for the ID stuff but my Dad is already planning on getting some of the track stuff to play with him and my Nephew so why not right?  Hopefully by the time they get into it and understand what its all about, Ill have had time to mod these guys a smidge and see how they do over stock.


  • Gotta...that seeing that KITT has put it on my list. — redlinederby
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Team164Bruno 12/12/19

Well, the VW T1-GTR test mule is sporting a new color scheme. The lower body paint flips multiple colors depending on light intensity and angle while the upper body is satin black with the windows still transparent. Next up is the fun part, trying to make a stout, fast chassis. Lots to experiment on this one. 

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