How to add your tournaments and events to the calendar

redlinederby Wednesday, 12/17/2014
Site manager

Did you know there is a race event calendar? It's a good place to go if you're wondering what tournaments and events are coming next so you can prepare and build.

Click the link on the topic editor page and add the date to submit your tournament or event topic to the calendar. 

Even if your event date is only tentative, go ahead and add it to your topic so it can appear on the calendar. You can change the date at any time or even remove it.

And the calendar isn't just for mail-in tournaments, it's meant for any diecast racing event. So if your race club has a meeting, go ahead and add it to the might get some new members! Conventions, K-Mart Days, club meetings...if it has anything to do with diecast racing, it's worth adding to the calendar.

All event topics get reviewed before they appear on the calendar, so it's not instant. I check for new events almost daily so your event should get to the calendar pretty quickly.

And as always, your feedback is welcomed and appreciated. I have my own ideas/plans for the calendar but if you think up something that will help, please share.

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