How would you mod it? Poison Pinto

redlinederby Sunday, 5/17/2015
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A few years back a co-worker gave me his collection of old cars, mostly late-70s and early-80s original castings. They were the cars from his childhood and it showed...lots of wear and tear, some of them even painted. So for this series of articles, I'll be taking a "vintage" car from the stash and asking you the would you mod it?

Poison Pinto

I think it's safe to say the first thing that strikes you about Poison Pinto is the bright green paint job, but other than that I see a rear end that's just begging for some weight. The chassis is plastic, as is that blown engine. would you mod it?


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KandORacing 5/18/15

Axle tubes, with good polished FTEs. A fire engine red paint job and a blown engine from a Muscle Machines Pro Mod Chevy Beretta.

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model40fan 5/18/15

hmmmmm.... wheelwells hogged to sorta match the '55 gasser's base, paint stripped... just add FTEs and gas !

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72_Chevy_C10 5/18/15
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Leave the finish as it took 40+ years for it to look that cool...axle tubes, fte's and whatever weight you need in the back!

Got this in trade from my main man Smitty...modded it and ran it in Factory Wars!...Keep the patina, add the speed.

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delta6 5/30/15

1:64 scale bullet holes and I agree, leave the petina. The raked stance looks cool, but I'd be curious to see it with less rake and medium height wheels all around. 

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Dadvball 6/1/15

Here's one I did a few years ago (before racing).  I did try it down the track but it's not too quick.

  • Looks sharp that a brass engine, or you just paint it gold? — redlinederby
  • Thanks Brian. It's a little brass paint on the blower. The chrome finish was in tough shape. — Dadvball
  • I love the black with gold rims. Reminds me of the first mod I ever did -a black 442 with gold wheels. — JDC442
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