I miss the fantasy league

WorpeX Tuesday, 5/16/2017

It was so awesome. :(


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redlinederby 5/16/17
Site manager

I know, I know...I'd say I'm about 75% through the new web site build right now. After that gets released, the Fantasy League is next. I need something to keep me racing and the Fantasy League is the answer. Mail-ins are great and fun but they need a lot of time to manage. The small Fantasy brackets are much better for weekly racing in my house.

I took some "time off" last year and that took its toll on the site. For that I apologize. I was burned out, frustrated and just needed to spend some time doing other things...but it worked. I got that stuff out of my system and came back to the RLD project with new eyes, new motivation and new ideas.

When I say Redline Derby is my hobby, it's not just racing...it's the site and everything that comes with it. It's a constant effort and as one dude I never feel like I can keep things as fresh as I'd like. But I think coming back after being away has me realizing that I put a lot of unnecessary pressure on myself and I'm trying to change that. And hopefully once things get refreshed, I can recruit some folks to help out and share the load.

Plus, I have 300+ cars on pegs in my office that are all earmarked to be in the Fantasy League. I don't collect cars for the sake of keeping things on the shelf. I want to play with them and they've been collecting dust...they need raced badly. 

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Just_Will 5/17/17

Great news. I am glad to hear this. I loved the fantasy league. 

Also, glad you were able to get the needed rest.

  • Thanks, man. It was refreshing and just what I needed. — redlinederby
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Mcjiggles9 5/19/17

WorpeX! its good to see you're still around. Im excited for the Fantasy League as well! Keep up the good work Brian, I know you're working hard!

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WorpeX 5/19/17

Hell yeah! Good to hear Brian.... I still have my RLD T-Shirt in my drawer. I'm ready to bust that baby out once the Fantasy League starts rolling again!!

I know what its like with websites.... I finally got off my lazy butt and did some much needed updates to my racing site (www.WorpeX.net). I stole the graphic that you made for my track and put it onto the information page.... hope you don't mind. It looked nice. :D 

I might have a brand new racing video to release.... its been awhile. I've had the video files shelved for a long time and forgot all about it. If theres interest in it, i'll do another one of my famous videos while we wait for the fantasy league!

  • Feel free the wear your RLD shirt when you're not racing too :) — redlinederby
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Nightstalker 5/23/17

What relit the fire in me. And helped me through cancer when I first found the Fantasy league. life got busy but still pop in for a bit of lurking now and again. K.

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redlinederby 5/23/17
Site manager

@Nightstalker - Wow, man. Now that's motivation! Glad to know you're still peeking in every now and then. Hope one the League starts back up you can join in the fun. 

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hotrainiac 6/19/17

I've been patiently waiting....so happy to see we might be firing up again soon.

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