I´d like to buy some good modified cars

MarkRich21 Wednesday, 1/5/2022

Hi there,

I´m Markus in Bavaria, Germany and kinda used to all types of model car racing, mostly slot cars from H.O. to 1/24th scale drags, wing cars and vintage racing.

No I´d like to revive my childhood in another way. Opened Pandora´s Box by buying a few Hot Wheels as engine donors for H.O. dragsters ... and here I am! ;-))

I just have bought a vintage HW dragset and am planning on building a larger drag track very soon. Later as a venue for mail-in races, too, if allowed. 

Being kinda used to Proxy Racing as a racer and a host I´m keen to start mailing in to your races.

Everytime I started racing something different I´ve always bought state-of-the-art racecars from the master builders and competing with my own builds until they were good enough.

So I´m wondering whether some of you guys would like to part with some of your really good cars to help out a rookie?




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MadMike 1/5/22

ive got some untested built to race, lube and go


  • Still have any available? — FlyingGreek87
  • Yes I do, but I'm in the process of moving so cannot sell until I get them unpacked — MadMike
  • Alrighty, please let me know when you are all settled in. — FlyingGreek87
  • Will do — MadMike
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