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redlinederby Wednesday, 9/7/2011
Site manager

We've got one more fantasy league season after this one and then we go on break until Spring when we get an all new league to play with. My plan is to port over all the player stats so you don't lose anything, including achievements. I haven't added any new achievements in a while and part of that is laziness and the other part is just being plum fresh out of ideas (partially due to some things not being doable in the league as-is).

Point being, the new league gives us a chance to add some new achievements that will hopefully give veteran players something to strive for...but I need some thoughts and ideas for those achievements.

What would be some good in-game challenges to create for achievements?

I don't plan on eliminating any achievements that exist in the game now, so new ones would be additional to those.


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Jobe 9/7/11

HOw about a one time Acheivement for forgetting to submit picks?

Crappy Picks Acheivement...score less than 100 points each time for 2 or 3 in a row.

Not sure if there is one already, but how about a perfect first round pick?


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Mcjiggles9 9/7/11

How about one for someone who submits a car with a rating say under 1150 or whatever rating deems appropriate, and then the car wins the tournament.

For selecting (x) number of different cars in a row to be entered into a race. Pick the same one and your number goes back to 0.

Upset special-You pick a lowered ranked car (not a new car that hasn't raced yet) to win maybe two races in a row.

Long haul Achievement-Picks the correct winner on the 50 foot+ tracks

Overtake Achievement-Outscore the current points leader 4 races in a row.

Boost Achievement-Can be used once per year (by a code) by each owner for extra bonus points.

Top score Achievement-Someone breaks my record score!

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JDC442 9/8/11

How about an achievement for hosting Redline Derby Tournaments?

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Jobe 9/10/11

How about an achievement for hosting Redline Derby Tournaments?


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redlinederby 9/12/11
Site manager

Already done. Check out your trophy list.

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JDC442 9/12/11

Love it Brian! "ONMYTRACK" is a very prestigious achievement. So far just Jobe, Jason and I have this honor. Can't wait to see who else gets the privilege.

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