Inheriting a diecast collection, what would you do?

Dj2112yyz Wednesday, 5/19/2021


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Mattman213 5/19/21

Holy crap that would be a dream for me.  I would do like EOC said all day long.  Go through it and toss known fast castings in one location, known or potential good wheels in another, all the solid platforms for modding in another and then anything I thought someone else (friends/collectors etc) might like and or pay for and then try to sell.  After that, about 90% of the rest would go to the kids and be donated to other kids and diecast vendors in the area.

Where are you located?  Probably a long shot but if you were local to any one of us Im betting you could get some good and honest help in sorting through it all


  • If he enters a stock race.... Umm yeah! I'll do the next one. If someone were to teach him how to mod, he'd be a God! — EightOCRacing
  • He would have no excuses other than a lack of ability to lean on thats for sure!!! — Mattman213
  • Matt, I'm in Maryland and I don't know which ones are fast casting. That is why I'm here — Dj2112yyz
  • Not sure who would be nearest you but there is a topic on this forum about the top fast castings. You can find alot in that section if you search for it!!! — Mattman213
  • 10/4 I'll look for that. Thank you — Dj2112yyz
  • Where in Maryland Dj? I live in Pa but work in Baltimore. I won't be there much this summer, but if you are Baltimore or north, I'd be glad to help you sort based on collectibles / speed /series. — Your_Nightmare
  • I can vouch for Nightmare. Good dude... Legendary stock racer. His channel is top notch. — EightOCRacing
  • Thank you EightOC. Kind words and Dj will definitely need help with a sorting system for the volume he's facing. — Your_Nightmare
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redlinederby 5/19/21
Site manager

Wow...that's an Indiana Jones quality adventure you have ahead of you! Lucky duck.

I think the first question is are you interested in selling any of it? And I don't ask that because I'm interested in buying, I ask that because the effort to sell items is its own workstream.

If you are looking to make some money off of it, I'd separate out all the sellable items first. With what's left, I'd separate into a few piles: a) what I want to collect, b) what I want to race, c) what I want to giveaway.

Then I'd probably sub-sort again within those piles, like the others said, go through the "giveaway" pile and do what you need to find wheels, chassis, and other parts. With what's left there, donate to a daycare, or library or something where the kids can enjoy it. Or if they're older stock, offer a vendor/shop a flat rate for all of it.

That's just a shit ton of stock and certainly overwhelming...hell, it's stressing me out just looking at the photos! Slow and steady will get it done.

  • Hell, if those cases are unopened and you're trying to get things done quick, just sell the cases out right. — redlinederby
  • I think I'm going to hold on to the main numbered collection which is about 10 cases I think. The rest of the cases I would like to go though then sell the rest . It's a daunting task and overwhelming to say the least. — Dj2112yyz

Thats incredible! I would certainly pause and process exactly what all work i'd be willing to do. Sealed cases is where i'd start appraisal-wise. Catalog all codes and years.

  • They are not sealed cases they are just cases that she just kept the collection in. It looks like the casting are from 1991 to 2001. — Dj2112yyz
  • That's good stuff right there, before they reduced metal use and still have FTEs. — redlinederby
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DXPRacing 5/19/21


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Dj2112yyz 5/20/21

I'm embracing the hobby and would like to build a fattrack but I don't have the room at the moment . This racing thing is all new to me. 

  • Man, if youre looking to have fun; youre looking at a garage full of it. You could probably work some good deals on here in exchange for fat track!! — CaShMoneyBoyS
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redlinederby 5/20/21
Site manager

If you're looking for racing cars, be sure to pull out any cars that say "Faster Than Ever" as those have slightly better axles built on least in theory. They're not all super fast as-is but are often a good place to start a build or at least to steel parts from.

  • I was wondering what FTE ment — Dj2112yyz
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PoBoy_Racing 5/20/21

WOW!  What a Dream!  I do hafta agree with Mattman on his observations for what to do with it!   If there are any sets that are not opened, I would start there.  It will be a long task to go through the individual cars, but well worth it!     If you habe a Face Book page and willing to share it's name, I guess you could auction things off on there.  That way your not paying eBay to list your stuff.  I really do believe you would git alot of takers!    I have also bought boxes of cars/vehicles for example, 80 cars and shipping would be $100.  Will need a paypal account. Of course cars could be random or you could ask the buyers what they are looking for.  So try to fill their wish list first and then random finds to make the 80 cars.     That is just some of my ideas on what I would do.    Good Luck with your dealings on this Great Collection!!! 

Oh I forgot, any Treasure Hunts put those to the side!   They are worth more than the regular individual castings!

  • I'm a old guy no Facebook here,this website is my limit on social media. Hell I don't even own a home PC. — Dj2112yyz
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SpyDude 5/20/21

DUDE ..... first of all, congratulations. That is one HELL of a collection you have there - no wonder you don't have any room for a fat track!

Okay, what I would do is this: break it down into bite-size chunks. Separate everything out by year for starters - all the '91's go in one pile, '92's, and so on. That at least gives you a semi-organized starting point. Next step is cataloging: you're going to probably want to make a spreadsheet so you can figure out what you have, including duplicates. Generally, it's going to be something like car name, what year, and a picture, maybe a few details like different paint jobs or wheels. Some guys take pictures of their cars, others just grab stock images off the Hot Wheels website ... whatever works for you. It will take time - there's a lot to go through - but in the end, you'll be glad you did it.

Now you have a database. Now you can start looking at the cars themselves. What do you want to keep? Pull out the cool cars you want to keep and set those aside. Mark the spreadsheet that you're keeping those cars. Which ones do you want to sell? Do the same thing. Go year by year, makes it easier to keep track of stuff. 

Now you have your "keep" and your "sell" cars. You can sort your spreadsheet into those two categories, and print out each half so you have a hard copy to look at. This will all make it easier for when you go to sell the cars you don't want.

Dont feel overwhelmed. I know, this is a LOT to deal with, but you can do this! The hardest part is simply getting organized to see what you have first. After that, everything else will fall in line.

Again, damn good score you got there, buddy.

  • Thanks, I know it's only work it will get done. — Dj2112yyz

Dj, I live in PA but work in Baltimore seasonally. I would be glad to help you collectibles/treasure hunts/series cars/good race castings. Where in MD are you located? 

  • Nightmare thanks, I'm south of Baltimore I'm not really ready to start going through the boxes yet. Thank you and thanks for all the support guys. The diecast aren't the only thing I'm dealing with. I have beany baby's ,pound puppy ,barbie dolls, Disney crartors, to say the least so I have my hands full. — Dj2112yyz
  • It's like KB Toys exploded in your garage! But...if you're looking to unload Barbies, my kid is a Barbie nut so she's always looking for more — redlinederby
  • All good Dj. I'll be back from mid-August through early December. If you need anything, just give a shout here or private message. Best of luck with it all! — Your_Nightmare
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Rusty_Rod 5/31/21

Wow,awesome ????????

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die_castinn 6/19/21

I had no idea Tampx made a HW.  J/K  Quite a collection!  If you could, open a store.  Rent a space somewhere.  Just  a thought.

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