King of the Misfits 20: Race Day!!!

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017
sub4ra Wednesday, 8/16/2017

Thankx for watching!


Very nice, I'm in the very delayed process of combining two (2) 6 Lane Raceways into one huge track with some flat track run-out....hence The Orange Monster, but I've engineered a way to remove the start handle on the start gate so everything works from underneath and when I get to it I'll share it here with that handle inhibits some castings completely and can hang-up several more.....but it will all be in my piece on the 6 Lane Raceway coming soon....Peace-League of Speed

  • Nice! I can't wait to see that! — sub4ra
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sub4ra 9/3/17

A new lineup of cars to choose from!

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sub4ra 9/6/17

KOM20 is off and running!

Is a mail-in for King of the Misfits close in the radar?

  • Yes, I'm working on doing a mail in for this and a NASCAR event. — sub4ra
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