BlueLineRacing Sunday, 11/13/2022

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Time for redemption at KOTM. Not sure what the new track is like but hope one of these likes the new layout.


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RLoRacing 11/13/22

Good luck and see ya there

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Numbskull 11/14/22


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Deedose 11/14/22

Hey , can-I post my car's picures here too ?

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dr_dodge 11/14/22

Mine are in the mail

See you on the mountain!


There are several videos out run on new track.

  • The Fiero track? I don’t think that is the track he’s using for KOTM. He mentions in a comment where someone was complaining about the new track that he is using a different one for street racing — BlueLineRacing
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JB144 11/14/22

Boy, I am seeing a lot of cars for KOTM, this could be as big as last year.

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Deedose 11/14/22

Here are my two entries to KOTM :

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Marco_Polo 11/17/22

My entries for KotM

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CaShMoneyBoyS 11/28/22


Looking good, all the best to everyone out there.


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Numbskull 11/30/22

KotM bound.  RBG ftw.

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pratman2 12/2/22

A little late out of the garage.  Hopefully it makes it on time.  This is my first ever modified car, definitely won't be my last.

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