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When: Friday, May 25, 2018

It's time to return to a stretch of Road in North Carolina...a Road called Tobacco Road, where you go to become a legend....a Legend of Tobacco Road. This time the Road calls for Hot Wheels Originals...from the Sweet 16's Beatnik Bandit and Python and up to Redlines like the Turbofire, Torero and Tri-Baby to the Whip Creamer and Twinmill...and up and onward through the years...Split Decision and Way 2 Fast....basically any Hot Wheels Originals. There will be two(2) classes...Modified and Stock, the stock class will bring into play some heavyweights like Noodlehead, Jet Threat and Sidekick. So, get ready to return to Tobacco Road for your shot at glory....and become a Legend of Tobacco Road.  

Rules & Restrictions

  • Weight - Modified 57g(TE Rule) Stock NA(whatever it weighed right out of the blister pack)
  • Size restrictions; length and height-fit on HW Orange Track and 3D Botmaker Start Gate
  • Cars per entrant/household, etc.- 2 Modified and 2 Stock max
  • Brand, body style, year, make/model requirements, etc.- Hot Wheels Originals
  • Wheel limitations, requirements; - NA
  • Stock cars allowed- Yes (think Noodle Head...Side Kick...Jet Threat...Rocket Bye Baby)
  • Must be drilled rivets- Yes, on Modified cars
  • Dry lubes only-Yes
  • Misc requirements- must be a Hot Wheels Original casting...nothing you'd see on the road or off an assembly line...check with me on castings...example- I'd allow a Rodger Dodger, but want to really stay with the overall theme for the Race. 


Small Trophy and some Prize Cars.

How to enter

Post a reply along with how many cars you're going to enter.

....include the return shipping $$$ with your cars.

Where to send your cars

If you don't have it already....PM me for address

Don't forget to print an ID card with your entry

Entry deadline

Friday May 25th 2018

Scoring and Winning

 Must win two(2) in a row to advance and eventually win it all..


 Just make weight and fit on the track

Tracks & Dates

 Tobacco Road - Memorial Day Weekend 2018

***Also, Tobacco Road will now be seamless moving forward...a fast track just got faster!!!***

Winners and Results

Video will tell the tale on the League of Speed youtube channel

Hot Wheels Originals on Tobacco Road 

Can it be like the cars i sent u for the boot

Can it be like the cars i sent u for the boot

@ HWL88...the only car that qualifies for this race that you sent into Bootleg Run is the Twinduction.

No i didnt mean sending them in but basically any fantasy model

You said^^^the cars you sent in for Bootleg Run^^^...and the only car out of yours and Speedsta's that qualify for this race is the Twinduction out of those four(4). So, moving forward just ask me about a car and I'll let you know if it qualifies, but there are a lot of Hot Wheels Originals out there....Mustangs, Camaros, Corvettes, Nova's, Superbirds etc., do not qualify for this race, that would also include a Boss Hoss, Nitty Gritty Kitty...those are basically Mustangs and Cougars. The only four car(4) car like castings that I will allow are the Rodger Dodger, Blvd Bruiser, Shoe Box and Fast Fish....any questions ask here or PM me.

Here is a good example for the range allowed for this race...Speed Force has already picked her team out to be Modified...and I wouldn't race that team in a million years, but hopefully it will be what makes this race fun and unique.

So any fantasy model?

Just let me know what you've got inb mind, but it will most likely be OK

Ok gr8

If you have a good tunout, you could have a separate division for the '68-'70, nylon bushing cars

I've got my eye on this one....needless to say, it's nylon bushing day's are over....but if there sound, I'll send them your way.

Got my eye on this HW Original as to make them track worthy again.

Swingin' Wing has a staggered track-width and can be unstable.

My top 9 picks plz let me know which ones r eligable.

fig rig, stockar, mr with soccerball wheels, bone shaker, golden arrow, torque twister, alien from toy story, RO920, and V5334.

^Not sure what the last two are and the Stockar is just a weak play off a Stock Car, but I'd allow it. Learn how to post pics would be helpful...or good Ole "copy and paste"

If you type in those #'s they come up with pics

...and if you can see a can copy and paste.

Is this the V5334? If so, then yes, it's fine and more in line with the theme than the Stockar casting.

....and if this is the R00920....then yes, it's fine.

Those r it but stockar is acceptable, but if i can avoid it i should? 

Not necessarily...up to you.


I would like to know the eligible status of the following vehicles:

2005 First Edition - Drop Tops series

-`57 Nomad

-1963 Corvette Stingray 

-Dodge Super 8 Hemi

2005 First Edition - Torpedoes series

-1971 Dodge Charger

-Subaru Impreza WRX

-Willys Coupe

All cars with real names but are obviously re-proportioned (flattened/centralized) versions of the vehicles they represent. 

Those would be okay, as you wouldn't see those on the road.

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