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Lightning Strikes Twice Tournament (Full Roster)

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Numbskull 11/5/22

Count me in please.

Cheers, Numbskull Racing

Ohhh EV I AM IN!!! 

Ned Mundson reporting for duty 

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SpyDude 11/6/22

SpyDude checking in.

Question: ANY electric vehicle? How well do tall vehicles work in the corners?

I'm in!

Would love a spot !   ROADRAGE RACING 

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GrumpyCloud 11/6/22

I'd like a spot please!

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Bolo_Brown 11/6/22

I would like to participate in this event

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Driepe51 11/6/22

Count me in 

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Spirit_Of_64 11/7/22

I'll take a shot at this please!  I've got a Lucid sitting around waiting for a race!

We got a couple EV's we can run out to the event. 

The 0utsiders are IN.

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Endcount 11/7/22

I'd like to enter this race

I'll give it a go if there are any spots left

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