Looks like ID cars are heading to the pegs?

redlinederby Wednesday, 9/18/2019
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Per a report from Orange Track Diecast, the fancy tech-enabled ID cars might be coming to pegs near you soon - and for $1.00??!!

If so, call me a sucker for the $7 purchase I made last month...but whatever. If Mattel has hopes of anyone using the ID cars for play, that dollar price point better stick - or close to - under $5 would probably swing.

I'm also guessing they might sacrifice margins on the cars and make them up on the playsets, especially since those are very expensive, albeit more a one-time purchase.

All in all, gotta say, if all this turns out to be true, that was a very quick shift from $7 exclusive to $1 mainline. I'll take it.


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WorpeX 9/18/19

From what I understand these are going to be Chase cars so good luck finding them. With these bright white cards I'm sure they will get vultured by scalpers. Plus, these aren't going to have special tires. Also I've bought nearly all of the iD cars now... So I'm probably more a sucker then you!

  • Not as big a sucker as you as I only bought the licensed castings, haha — SinisterGrackle
  • Yeah, I don't have any of the creature ones cause yuck. Of the liscensed im only missing the Nissan, Camaro SS and the new Corvette. Mostly cause they're all kinda ehh looking to me. — WorpeX
  • The photos of the GT-R don't do it justice, in person, that Pearl Sprectraflame looks great! I'm not a big Camaro guy, put the iD one, as well as the new Vette, look great. — SinisterGrackle
  • I'll treat myself to them eventually i'm sure. I've heard only good things about that GTR so its next on the list. The blue rollcage on the corvette just looks silly to me though and like you, i'm not a big Camaro SS guy. I'll cave and get them at some point. it took me a few month till I finally got around to getting the red corvette too haha — WorpeX
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GspeedR 9/19/19

I'd speculate that the $7 price tag of the initial release ID cars is more due to premium, RLC-like paint jobs and/or tampos and the fancy 'magnetic lid' packaging. But since those cars aren't necessarily "faster" than $1 mainlines, just having the chip is what anyone really needs to log track data. I've heard that the ID mainlines are going to be more abundant than other chase cars. Fingers crossed...

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redlinederby 9/19/19
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I can't imagine the cost being that high to add a chip to any existing casting. Maybe a little retool to fit the thing in, but those chips aren't that big nor that expensive. 

I'm not particularly interested in the ID tech anyhoo, I just find it fascinating how fast the tech has seemingly made its way into the production of non-premium cars.

Makes me start to wonder how long before the ID track parts come down in a price and more commonplace than your standard orange track. They'll always need to offer the basic track but they can make it harder to find if they want to push that smart track stuff.

  • I think it was always part of the plan. With their partnership with Apple and the App they likely wanted the first waves of cars to be more premium and nicer. They're still pretty hard to find in stores apart from Apple stores and the stuff there is always considered "premium". I think the extra deco and spectraflame worked for early on but we'll likely see more and more cheaper iD cars in the next year or two. — WorpeX

I can see them being their own line, not a chase, in the $1.25 - $1.99 range like the Walmart & Target exclusives, next year.

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3DBotMaker 9/19/19

It doesn't look premium like the 1st wave. There's no writing on the wheels. 

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