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Mad Max Halloween Race

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Still a go, I'll have 2 or 3 entries...just depends how many more there are.  Still working on some issues with the track, but should be resolved soon.

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delta6 9/18/15

I'm definitely in!

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redlinederby 9/23/15
Site manager

I may try to get a car in on this'll be a minimal mod but I have an idea that might work out.

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redlinederby 9/28/15
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Watched Fury Road last night to get some more inspiration...and I finally got a new charger for my Dremel, so the grind is on to create a monster.

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Stroller 10/1/15

I am planning a car that is neither a chase car nor a monster car but it will be a weird car. Can some parts be from something other than a car or truck but it is a HW vehicle?....Stroller.

  • The only rule really is that you need to use parts from three vehicles. So yes. — MoHasAFastCar
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CrzyTrkrDude 10/4/15

Tomb up base flipped and shaped

Packard ( not so classic)

Mad fast engine and cockpit seat

Monster milker wheels

Some off brand pushbar.

One down... 8,325 to go!!

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redlinederby 10/5/15
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Finally had some spare time to sit and think about what I was going to make. Went through the old loose bucket and picked out some things that might go well together. Went to the dollar store and found a bunch of MB trucks with various sizes/shapes/wheels to spark some ideas.

Doubt I'll have time to make 3 entries but I'm hoping for the truck and XB. The ambulance could be sweet but think the others could be better contenders.

The height limit is a killer on this one...hopefully my monsters will clear the finish line.

There's a few more over on the RLD Instagram page. Think I'm going to use that as a dumping ground for in-progress shots and then post the highlights here.

You can scratch the height limit if you don't mind getting hung up on the finish line (I don't mind).  You just have to hit it, going thru is optional.  That was mainly in there in case it became a series as it's a common size rule.

And I suppose as there's no weight limit I had to contain people somehow...but you know, within reason, whatever.

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delta6 10/10/15

It's a bit tall too. Not sure if it will stop at the finish or blow a hole in it! I'm just enjoying getting into the build for this.

  • YIKES! That's ready to beat the boogers outta something!! NICE!! — CrzyTrkrDude
  • Woah! That's gonna own the open road. — redlinederby
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redlinederby 10/14/15
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Once I realized I wasn't going to have to enough time to make more than 1 car for this, I kind of went all in for the one I did. I call it the Sunset Wagon.

I thought this was a great theme for me since it didn't limit based on year or car type or what you can. I also loved that the weight limit was dictated only by the number of parts you use. Made me get a little more creative.

Of course, only after I put it all together did I realize (or remember) that an open track was part of this series...soooo...I'm guessing it's probably a little top-heavy for that but we'll see. It's also most certainly too tall for the 1.3" finish line, so it'll just have to be a hard stop...or smash on through the damn thing. 

It held together well on my home track with a weight around 77g. It's fast compared to some of my regular stocks...not the fastest but maybe it doesn't need to be. Eitherway, it'll be fund to see that haus barrel down the track. Still needs some paint and effects before I ship it out. More photos soon...


  • Very cool! What brand is that truck cab? Looks sweet... — KandORacing
  • Nevermind, just read up and saw that it's MBX — KandORacing
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fordman 10/17/15

just shipped [3] "maxes" for hole shot lizzotte... he is READY !

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redlinederby 10/17/15
Site manager

The Sunset Wagon is shipping out today...

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