Made Cars For My Groomsmen...

WorpeX Thursday, 11/7/2019

I'm getting married on Monday!! I'm super stoked and happy. Anyway, thats not important. What is important is I built some cars as Groomsmen gifts and I wanted to show them off! Each car was personalized for them specifically.

A Galary with close-ups of each car can be found here:

I also made a car for myself... because why not!?!? I found an old "Road Pirate" as its unoffically named (Mattel never decided on a name for it) and rebuilt it. It clocks in at just under 40g witih FTEs from a Ferrari Italia. Anyway, check it out!


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Mattman213 11/7/19

Look good to me!  I woulda been super excited to get such a gift and likely would have fiddled with it the entire wedding!

Congrats as well!


  • Yes, congrats on getting hitched. Hope they like Hot Wheels! — redlinederby
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LeagueofSpeed 11/7/19
Event coordinator

Congratulations and hope you've found your Lady of Speed 

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WorpeX 11/7/19

Thanks everyone!

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Go_Time 11/7/19

Congratulations!!! And nice builds.

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WorpeX 11/7/19

The nice things about this is I now have some nice metal-on-metal castings that I can throw some new wheels into and make some track burners! The El Camino is using the Sillohettes Greenwood Corvette wheels. I plan to strip it and re-paint it (its so so ugly). Got some FTE2s from a Stingray that should look great on it once its prettied up!

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